5 things I don’t get about equestrian blogland

So, confession: I started this blog when I was feeling kind of stuck with my old blog and disenchanted with the equestrian blogosphere in general. I was tired of the contests and blog hops and the endless pontificating about saddles fitting or not fitting (I get it; it’s frustrating, but also terribly uninteresting to anyone but you and your horse). I decided I was going to leave all the nonsense parts of blogging behind and just blog FOR ME. No blog hops, no “X Things That ____” type articles, no validation needed from anyone. I am a blogger, hear me roar kind of thing.

But I miss the pageviews, okay??

 I know that in the grand scheme of things, my old blog’s pageviews and comment count were pretty insignificant. But once you’ve experienced the “They like me, they really like me!” high of comments, or randomly woken up to one of your articles on the front page of Reddit, all you want is another hit (or 1000) to make you feel like all the hours of trivia and navel-gazing are worthwhile.

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So today I’m going to revert back to my comfortable old “X Things That ____” style. And in the spirit of cantankerousness, my theme is various things that drive me nuts about the equestrian blogosphere.

And before you jump down my throat (all one of you out there) I completely recognize I am part of the problem. But it’s my blog so I’m allowed to complain. So there!

Trends du jour

Have you ever noticed how one person buys XYZ…and then suddenly EVERYONE is buying XYZ? (coughOGILVYcough) Oh the commercialism! Stop! You do not need one more saddle pad!

Following trends does not a rider make
Flickr: carterse/ CC

Mango Bay belts

And while I’m on the subject of trends, there is one that I find infuriating enough to merit its own section.

Mango Bay Design

They’re just belts, for crying out loud. Sure, they have horsey patterns, but otherwise they look like what came free with the khakis from Kohl’s my mother bought me in middle school.  Why is seemingly every equestrian blogger obsessed with them? I have no idea.

How in the world can you afford ____?!

Custom saddles, custom boots, training rides, show after show after show–first of all, why? And second of all, how? I know that there are reasonable answers to these questions but my initial reaction when I hear of extravagant expenses like these is always WTF?!

That’s not to say I am immune from boot envy.
NY Social Diary

The pressure to comment just to comment all the freaking time.

A few times I have seen bloggers mention something like, “Oh, so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with commenting but I have been reading everyone’s blogs.” Seriously? Do people have a list of blogs they read and feel like they must comment on every single post? I guess it’s fair if you want people to comment in return, but doesn’t it make life so boring if all the comments are nonsense placeholders like, “Your horse is so cute” or “Loved this”?

It also peeves me (a lot of things peeve me, you’ve probably intuited) when I see bloggers who respond individually to every single comment. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Stop making the rest of us (me) look bad.

Trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

I’m totally guilty of this (though I didn’t really write about my struggles because I’m a big old weenie), but it’s so obvious when you’re looking in from the outside, and you read about a rider being unbearably nervous every single ride, or a horse being consistently mediocre (or sometimes, spectacularly terrible) at shows or other outings.  

Why are you torturing yourself with this horse/this discipline/etc.? I just want to comment. But I don’t. Instead I just grab the popcorn and await the trainwreck. And I bet most blog readers/writers would be lying if they said they haven’t ever enjoyed a little schadenfreude themselves!

Well, now that I’ve insulted and alienated anyone who is reading…what bugs you the most about the equestrian blogosphere?

EDIT: One more pet peeve, after a friend reminded me of it. Moving up from 2’6″ to 2’9″, or 3’3″ from 3′ is not as big a deal as people think it is!! If your horse can stand over the jump, he can probably jump it from a trot. It’s generally the person who makes a big deal about moving up in height, not the horse.

Ahhh. It feels so good to let it all out there. Especially when I have so few readers to blow up at me.

13 thoughts on “5 things I don’t get about equestrian blogland”

  1. This is kind of funny… but yeah you probably pissed off just about everyone!! I just found your blog today. The only one here that applies to me is the commenting thing… yeah I'm a comment addict, but I won't comment on all of your posts if that makes you feel better!! 😉


  2. Oh and I forgot to answer your question! What I don't get about the equestrian blogosphere is all of the judging… when reading some of these blogs you think this is the nicest, most down to earth and understanding person writing this blog, but then you happen to see a comment they left on someone's blog that is so judgmental!! Why read the blog or comment on it if you disagree? I guess that's more of a pet peeve and it applies to the whole internet in general actually, but yeah… I don't get it… I guess it's good that most people keep the judging to themselves at least. 🙂


  3. It doesn't really bother me when it's a pet peeve post like this on your own blog. It's mostly when people comment on other blogs bringing them down for no reason. They aren't being forced to read the blog, so why even comment? Obviously this doesn't apply to abuse or anything. I can totally understand commenting on something they feel is really wrong. 🙂


  4. The money thing also annoys me. Especially as a lot of the big spenders will then talk about not having enough for a certain show, but they had enough to buy custom boots, ogilvey pads, etc. Or, worse, when they mention having credit card debt.
    I still fix stuff with bailing twine and am riding in 10 year old half chaps. However, I'm actually trying to make myself buy nicer tack because I end up hating cheap leather, but the inner cheapskate in me cringes at making the purchase.


  5. I hear you girl! But I always figure–I'm lucky enough to ride at all. Even without all the extra stuff riding is fun, and so much the better if you can avoid keeping up with the Joneses.

    Not that I don't drool over the custom saddles and boots just like everyone else!


  6. Hahaha, there is much I love in this post & much I identify with! (Seriously, if I could afford the diesel, I would personally drive & slap someone who says they are poor after buying $500 boots…honey, you don't know what poor is)

    And I don't mind rants at all on your own blog — IT'S YOUR BLOG! And it should be for you. While I know mine has changed a lot, it's because I have changed a lot, things happened in actual life that changed EVERYTHING. But one of the core principles remains that I write because that's how I process things & it's also a very valuable records that's helped me out when I need to review past events. And it's just a neat thing to have, like my own book about my horses, only written gradually…

    But you are very right, horse blog-world is definitely different from BLOG blog world, I've been doing some experiments & making some interesting observations. While I'd like to read more & comment more, due to developing relationships with some bloggers, time is simply not there anytime soon, but I do value those who offer good writing & a well-told story (a rare skill!). Writing snob is a snob, I admit it, LOL.


  7. I'm totally guilty of buying an Ogilvy… but I really do love it, haha! But seriously, to each their own! I really don't care who has one and who doesn't. I just like to spend my fun money on my horse and horse things.


  8. The Blogging from the Barn thing? Awesome! Seems like activity on that page has picked up recently so I'm intrigued by all the new things the admin is suggesting.


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