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Why I’m Frugal

So the other day at the barn I was talking to one of the dressage ladies about my path to foxhunting, how writing was a big part of it, and how I’ve continued to blog (sporadically) about my adventures as … Continue reading

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Joint Meet With Goshen

Yesterday I hunted with Goshen for the first time. Just like when I hunt anywhere, I washed my horse, cleaned my tack and got all my clothes and boots ready the night before. I had a celebratory sip of the Castle Hill … Continue reading

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Equestrian Blogger Secret Santa!

We take a break from your regularly scheduled silence for…Christmas!!! This year I decided to not be a Scrooge and participate in Fly on Over’s Equestrian Blogger Secret Santa. True to my blog theme, I gave an EXTREMELY frugal gift that … Continue reading

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We Only Scared the Children a Little Bit=Dressage Success

So a week before the schooling dressage show, Lefty’s cellulitis episode seemed to have resolved. I never scratched my entry, so we had about 5 days and one lesson to prepare for our Training level  1 debut. Great idea! Now the … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Be Brave to Foxhunt?

This text,in reference to my incident with a loose horse and some impromptu outriding, sparked a thought-provoking conversation with a friend of mine. She said, “You’re a brave, brave woman!” and it made me wonder–am I? Or am I just … Continue reading

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Too Hot to Work My Horse…

So I put myself to work instead building jumps. In the woods it was “lovely, dark and deep” like the poem. It felt significantly cooler than in the sun, but I was still definitely sweating moving around old, rotting tires!!! … Continue reading

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When You Arrive at the Hunt Meet

So I realized that my last post skips from pre-hunt preparations to the end of the hunt. But what should you expect when you arrive? How do you avoid being the poor soul whose horse thinks it is a superhero … Continue reading

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My Foxhunting Routine

Figuring out exactly how and when to prepare for hunting was very nerve-wracking for me when I first started, so now that I have a system that works for me I thought I would share it. Add extra time if … Continue reading

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Checked off the bucket list

Just returned from a relaxing trip to the Outer Banks where I had the opportunity to check an item off my bucket list–riding on the beach! Luckily I was able to convey that my husband and I do know how … Continue reading

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It’s so hard being fortunate enough to ride

Seriously, this is what people complain about? “NOT SHOWING IS NOT THE END OF THE [HORSE] WORLD” by Sarah Mahoney, HJU “Blurred Lines in the Horse World: What it’s Like to Not be a Wealthy Equestrian”, HorseHack On the face … Continue reading

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