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Let Them Be Accursed!

I recently found a gem at Second Story Books–a bound collection of articles from a magazine founded in 1927 called Horse and Horseman. It covers a variety of disciplines: polo, steeplechase, flat racing, Western, and of course foxhunting. Back then … Continue reading

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It’s so hard being fortunate enough to ride

Seriously, this is what people complain about? “NOT SHOWING IS NOT THE END OF THE [HORSE] WORLD” by Sarah Mahoney, HJU “Blurred Lines in the Horse World: What it’s Like to Not be a Wealthy Equestrian”, HorseHack On the face … Continue reading

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5 things I don’t get about equestrian blogland

So, confession: I started this blog when I was feeling kind of stuck with my old blog and disenchanted with the equestrian blogosphere in general. I was tired of the contests and blog hops and the endless pontificating about saddles … Continue reading

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