Best answer: Is 6 8 SPC good for hunting?

The 6.8 SPC round is more than powerful enough for hunting varmints as well as medium sized game like feral hogs and deer at short to moderate range and still delivers great performance when used in shorter barreled rifles. It also uses a slightly larger diameter bullet.

Is the 6.8 SPC a good hunting round?

Of all the AR deer cartridges on the market, the 6.8 SPC is the most versatile, and I believe it’s the best. It’s perfect for whitetail, great for hogs and it doubles as a fantastic defensive round. The . 270-caliber bullet shoots flat and retains its energy well down range.

How far will a 6.8 SPC kill a deer?

At 280 yards, that wasn’t exactly a short shot, either. As you can see, this video demonstrates that the 6.8 SPC will certainly do the job on a whitetail deer with good shot placement.

What is the effective range of a 6.8 SPC?

A 90 gr (5.8 g) load was developed specifically for a high muzzle velocity and low felt recoil from the Six8’s 8.5 in (220 mm) barrel. Effective range is over 300 yd (274 m) and the bullet still has enough energy to penetrate intermediate barriers.

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Is 6.8 SPC any good?

The 6.8 SPC delivers 44% more power than the 5.56 on average. It’s also a better performer from short barrels. The 223, which the 5.56 is based off, is designed for 20-inch barrels. … The 6.8 SPC does quite well from shorter barrels and retains more energy than the 5.56 when fired from a shorter barrel.

Which is better 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC?

The 6.8 SPC is capable of excellent accuracy as well. However, the aforementioned advantages the 6.5 Grendel has in terms of bullet drop and resistance to wind drift make the Grendel a much better cartridge for long distance shots past 300 yards, especially when used in a rifle with a longer barrel.

Is 6.8 and 270 the same?

270 Win. and 6.8 Western both fire the same caliber (. 277 inch) bullet. They do not, however, fire the same weight .

Is the US military Switching to 6.8 SPC?

The US army is planning to shift to the 6.8mm caliber and has launched the Next Generation Squad Weapon programme to develop prototypes. The army has selected General Dynamics-OTS, AAI Corporation Textron Systems, and Sig Sauer to develop prototypes of rifle variants and carbines to suit the 6.8mm caliber.

What caliber is the US military switching to?

It took a few years for the Army to decide on a caliber, but they ultimately chose the “intermediate” 6.8mm to replace the existing 5.56mm used in the M4, M16 and M249. The 6.8mm is similar in size to the classic .

Does the military use 6.8 SPC?

You may not have heard, but late last year it was decided that the United States army would be ditching the traditional 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO rounds for an entirely new caliber in the form of the 6.8mm. … NOTE: the Army-issue 6.8mm will be an entirely new caliber, and will not be the existing 6.8 SPC.

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What is the best barrel length for 6.8 SPC?

The 6.8 SPC ammunition was designed for optimal efficiency in an SBR (short-barreled rifle), hence performs well in a shorter barrel. While the 6.8 SPC performs exceptionally in the 16″ barrel, the velocity will decrease with an increase in barrel length.

Is 6.8 SPC the same as 224 Valkyrie?

The Valkyrie is based on the . 30 Remington / 6.8 SPC cartridge. In fact, you can think of the Valkyrie as a necked-down 6.8 SPC. So, even though the bullet is the same diameter, you’ll need a 224 Valkyrie barrel due to the different chamber dimensions.

Does Ruger make a 6.8 SPC?

Sturm, Ruger Introduces the Ruger® SR-556/6.8 Piston-Driven Rifle Chambered in the Powerful 6.8 SPC Cartridge. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), is pleased to announce the new Ruger® SR-556/6.8, a new chambering in the popular SR-556® two-stage, piston-driven, AR-Style rifle.