Best answer: Is duck hunting good in West Virginia?

West Virginia is more dominated by deer and turkey hunters than waterfowl enthusiasts. However, the downside is that waterfowl hunting in the state cannot be considered one of the better locations in the country.

Can you duck hunt in WV?

Hunters can take geese and some bonus puddle ducks by obtaining permission at nearby ag fields. Or they can chase divers on the main water of the big river. Hunters have some other public waterfowl opportunities, too, including 6,000-acre Summersville Lake in Nicholas County.

What is the best state to go duck hunting in?

The 10 Best Duck Hunting States

  • Nebraska. …
  • Minnesota. …
  • Maryland. …
  • North Dakota. …
  • Mississippi. …
  • Illinois. …
  • Arkansas. …
  • Louisiana. Between the delta, flooded timber, and the coastal wing-shooting, Louisiana has arguably the best duck hunting there is anywhere in North America.

Is there a duck season in West Virginia?

waterfowl hunting area will be from legal shooting time until noon (prevailing time) Oct. 1-14, 2021. will be by permit only Oct. 1-14, 2021.

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What state kills the most ducks?

1: California. Ultimately, the contest wasn’t close. Golden State waterfowlers averaged 24.5 ducks per hunter in 2016 (that’s more than 1.15 million ducks taken by about 47,100 folks, if you’re interested).

What can you hunt in West Virginia?

While deer season is very popular in the Mountain State, there are plenty of other types of wildlife to hunt! Bear, quail, wild boar, raccoon, squirrel and several other animals have their own seasons throughout the year! One of the most exciting animals that has just recently been introduced in West Virginia is elk!

How many ducks are in season?

Possession limit triple the daily bag. 7/day, which may include: 7 mallards (no more than 2 females or Mexican-like ducks), 1 pintail, 2 canvasback, 2 redheads, 2 scaup.

2021-2022 Regulations.

AREA Colorado River Zone
SPECIES Same as regular season
SEASONS Feb 5 – 6
DAILY BAG & POSSESSION LIMITS Same as regular season

What states allow duck shooting?

Only South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania have duck open seasons. New South Wales has a Game Bird Management Program that allows ducks to be hunted for crop protection.

Where do you shoot ducks?

Shoot the trailing bird in a flight

Take the last or highest bird in an incoming fight. When ducks or geese are about to land, most hunters focus on the closest, lowest, easiest shot, and two or more hunters wind up shooting at the same bird.

What state has the highest duck population?

HIP estimates for the past four seasons indicate that Louisiana had the nation’s highest average harvest of blue-winged teal, with more than 230,000 of the birds taken annually.

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What hunting season is it in WV?

Whether you’re looking for game big or small, West Virginia’s scenic outdoors and plentiful wildlife offer the perfect hunting grounds. **Season dates vary by zone and hunts may only be legal in select counties.

West Virginia Turkey Seasons.

Fall General Season Oct. 9-17, Oct. 25-Nov. 14**
Spring Youth Season Apr. 16-17

What is considered a light goose?

Light geese include lesser snow geese (including blue), greater snow geese, and Ross’s geese.

Can you duck hunt on a river?

A few ducks always hang around rivers, which are natural loafing and feeding spots. However, two special times are far and away the best for running rivers. Hunters should be alert for these conditions and take advantage of them when they occur. The prime condition for river hunting is during a hard freeze.

What is the hardest duck to shoot?

Hardest duck to hunt?

  • Mallard. 21 vote(s) 9.6%
  • Wood Duck. 20 vote(s) 9.2%
  • Black Duck. 123 vote(s) 56.4%
  • Teal. 6 vote(s) 2.8%
  • Common Merganser. 6 vote(s) 2.8%
  • Gadwall. 6 vote(s) 2.8%
  • Canvasback. 36 vote(s) 16.5%

Where is the duck capital of the world?

Stuttgart, about 55 miles east of Little Rock, is known as the duck capital of the world. For the next two months, thousands of hunters will descend on eastern Arkansas and drop millions into the state’s economy.