Best answer: What caliber is legal for deer hunting in West Virginia?

Legal firearms for hunting deer during the buck firearms season shall include: a rifle using centerfire ammunition. a rifle using . 25 caliber or larger rimfire ammunition.

Can you hunt deer in West Virginia with a 223?

It’s best to look at the states that don’t allow deer hunting with . 223 diameter bullet or an AR-15 rifle. Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Washington, and West Virginia require larger bullets to be used to hunt game. … 223 diameter bullet is still legal.

Can you hunt deer with an AR-15 in WV?

You can hunt with a modern semiautomatic sporting rifle in pretty much any state . As an AR-15 is capable of at least 27 rifle calibers, 3 handgun calibers and one shotgun (410) It’s pretty easy to match the caliber you are using with what’s appropriate for the game you are hunting.

What caliber is legal for deer?

Rifle Equipment:

357 caliber or larger, shooting straight-walled ammunition with an expanding-type bullet where: Straight-walled, centerfire, rimless cartridges have bullets that are from 0.357″ to 0.500″ in diameter and have a case length from 0.850″ to 1.800″

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Is 204 Ruger legal for deer?

The . 204 Ruger is a varmint cartridge and isn’t intended for hunting deer sized game. It shoots lightweight bullets at extremely high velocities. These bullets are intended to release their energy upon impact and expand almost immediately.

How many deer are you allowed to shoot in West Virginia?

No. Hunters must possess a valid Class NN stamp to hunt antlerless deer. Hunters may take two (2) deer per day (if they have the appropriate licenses and/or permits); however, only one (1) antlered deer may be taken on any given day.

Is a .223 good for deer hunting?

Yes, the . 223 Remington is a suitable deer cartridge, and it is legal for deer in most states.

What is the smallest caliber you can deer hunt with in West Virginia?

4. It is illegal to hunt small game during the buck firearms season with any centerfire, with any rimfire larger than . 22 caliber, or with a shotgun using solid ball ammunition or shot larger than No.

Is a 5.56 good for deer hunting?

223/5.56 caliber make the perfect gun for young or small-frame hunters. … 223 to form a tough and reliable cartridge tailor made for deer hunting with the modern rifle platform. Winchester Ammunition. Winchester’s foray into this market is the 64-grain Power-Max Bonded.

What is a 223 rifle used for?

Both the cartridge and the rifle are very popular for hunting and home defense use. The . 223 is a common caliber for bolt action and single-shot rifles in addition to semi-autos.

Is a 30 06 Overkill a deer?

30/06 Springfield remains an incredibly well balanced, versatile, affordable hunting cartridge. With modern ammo it shoots 100- to 200 fps faster than it used to. If it was good enough to stop lions, rhinos, buffalo, and elephants 100 years ago, it’s probably good enough to stop deer, elk, and moose today.

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Can you use a 22 for deer hunting?

22LR cartridge is capable of killing a deer if shot placement is accurate; however, a . 22LR is not a legal cartridge for hunting deer in almost all US states because it does not have enough power to ethically hunt a deer and ensure a quick kill. 22 bullet were shot at a deer. …

What is the smallest legal caliber for deer hunting?

. 243 would be the minimum caliber for deer. It carries enough energy and cross section to get the job done. Although apparently there are some that hunt with the .