Best answer: What is the difference between a wild turkey and a turkey?

The easiest distinction between a wild turkey or a domestic turkey is simply what color its feathers are. Wild Turkeys have the deep, rich brown and black feathers that most people associate with turkeys.

What makes wild turkeys different?

Wild Turkeys come in two more colors: white and black. These versions are caused by albinism and melanism, conditions which occur in many animals. Melanistic Wild Turkeys overproduce the pigment melanin, making them jet black in color—the gothest turkey out there.

Are wild turkeys bigger than domestic turkeys?

They are larger than their wild cousins and a lot more tender. The largest domestic turkey on record weighed an incredible 86 pounds. The average weight for a domestic turkey is about 20 pounds. The domestic turkey of today has white feathers.

Can wild and domestic turkeys breed?

Do wild turkeys ever breed with domestic turkeys? Yes, but the odds of that are very rare. For generations, wild turkeys have adapted to survive in the wild. … Though the domestic turkey is related to its wild cousin, they are many, many times removed.

What are the four types of wild turkey?

Where the Wild Turkeys Are

  • Eastern wild turkey. (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) …
  • Osceola wild turkey. (Meleagris gallopavo osceola) …
  • Rio Grande wild turkey. (Meleagris gallopavo intermedia) …
  • Merriam’s wild turkey. (Meleagris gallopavo merriami) …
  • Gould’s wild turkey. (Meleagris gallopavo mexicana)
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How do you tell if a turkey is wild or domestic?

Wild Turkeys have the deep, rich brown and black feathers that most people associate with turkeys. In completely opposite fashion, domestic turkeys are normally white in color, an intentional product of domestication because white pin feathers are less noticeable on the carcass.

How do you identify a wild turkey?

Turkeys are dark overall with a bronze-green iridescence to most of their plumage. Their wings are dark, boldly barred with white. Their rump and tail feathers are broadly tipped with rusty or white. The bare skin of the head and neck varies from red to blue to gray.

Does wild turkey have white meat?

The white meat comes from the breast, which turkeys use to flap their wings. Wild turkeys fly only as a last resort, in a short burst, to escape predators. White meat consists of fast-twitch muscle fibres that contract quickly, but become exhausted quickly too.

Are domestic turkeys black?

Despite the name, turkeys have no relation to the country of Turkey and are instead native to North America. … The great majority of domesticated turkeys have white feathers, although brown or bronze-feathered varieties are also raised.

Do turkeys lay eggs?

For starters, they’re expensive. Turkeys are bigger than chickens, so they take up more space and require more food. And they lay only two eggs a week, compared to a chicken’s near-daily production, reports Modern Farmer.

Can turkeys outrun humans?

Can a Human Outrun a Turkey? Turkeys aren’t a species you’re likely to run away from. … But while wild turkeys may take their time walking around and foraging for food, both their land and air speeds are faster than a human’s. The average jog speed for a human is four to six mph.

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Can a male turkey mate with a chicken?

Even though they are both types of poultry, they are different species. Turkeys can mate with chickens, but they shouldn’t because most hybrids won’t even hatch successfully. When they attempt it, the chickens are often injured because they are much smaller than the turkeys.

Why are farm turkeys white?

The great majority of domestic turkeys are bred to have white feathers because their pin feathers are less visible when the carcass is dressed, although brown or bronze-feathered varieties are also raised.