Can you hunt black bear in Oklahoma?

Since 2009, black bear hunting has been legal in only four southeastern Oklahoma counties: Latimer, Le Flore, Pushmataha and McCurtain. … Hunters will now also be able to pursue bears in all of Haskell and Choctaw counties and portions of Bryan, Atoka, Pittsburg, McIntosh, Muskogee and Sequoyah counties.

How much is a bear tag in Oklahoma?

Hunting Licenses

License/Permit Cost Requirements
Turkey (spring or fall) $10 Oklahoma resident
Bear $101 Oklahoma resident; must be purchased before season begins
Antelope $51 Oklahoma resident
Annual Hunting $25 Oklahoma resident

Can you shoot bears in Oklahoma?

From antelope and deer to bear and small game, hunters will find variety in the state’s woods. Hunting licenses are available for resident and nonresidents. Licenses can be purchased from a license agent or through the natural resources website. Oklahoma has had great success with their conservation program.

How much does it cost to kill a black bear?

Price distribution

Black bear is the most affordable species to hunt, with hunts beginning at $1,500. On the other end of the spectrum are the North American brown (grizzly) bears that can cost $15,000 or more.

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Are black bears protected in Oklahoma?

Since 2009, black bear hunting has been legal in only four southeastern Oklahoma counties: Latimer, Le Flore, Pushmataha and McCurtain. Now, black bear hunting will be allowed during archery and muzzleloader seasons in all areas south of Interstate 40 and east of U.S. 69.

Where can you hunt black bear in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has had a bear hunt since 2011 and harvests between 40 and 100 bears per year. Currently, hunting is allowed only in Latimer, Le Flore, McCurtain and Pushmataha counties, but there is the potential for more counties to open in the future.

What is the black bear population in Oklahoma?

There is an estimated population of 2,500 black bears statewide in Oklahoma, mostly in the forests of eastern Oklahoma.

What counties can you hunt bear in Oklahoma?

Only in Choctaw, Haskell, Latimer, Le Flore, McCurtain and Pushmataha counties; and that portion of McIntosh, Muskogee and Sequoyah counties south of Interstate 40; and that portion of Atoka, Bryan, McIntosh and Pittsburg counties east of U.S. Highway 69.

Are black bears aggressive?

In most cases, black bears are relatively shy, only acting aggressively as a last resort. Nevertheless, the most effective way to avoid a bear attack is by preventing encounters in the first place. Just because black bears can be less dangerous than other large carnivores doesn’t mean fatal attacks don’t happen.

What does bear meat taste like?

Bear meat tastes quite similar to venison. However, it’s relatively sweeter. As compared to old bears, the meat of younger bears has a milder flavor. We can classify bear meat in terms of season as well.

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What to do if a bear is stalking you?

If you notice a bear stalking you, now is the time to get your bear spray ready. If the bear attacks you, fight back with anything that you have. Use any available weapon to fight the bear (sticks, rocks, bear spray, even your fists).

Do black bears eat people?

Black bear attacks on humans are rare but often begin as scuffles with dogs, experts say. … Predatory attacks on humans by black bears are extremely rare, but experts are offering insight as to how some of them may start after a woman was killed in Canada by a black bear while searching for her dogs.