Can you hunt deer with a shotgun in PA?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission recently approved the use of semi-auto shotguns statewide for deer, bear and elk hunting. … Shotguns must be 12 gauge or bigger for elk hunting. The new regulation will take effect this year. The regulation stipulates that shotgun ammunition must be slugs, as buckshot won’t be allowed.

What guns can you hunt deer with in PA?

Legal Firearms

When hunting deer and other large game, you may hunt with a rifle or shotgun. Fully automatic and semiautomatic rifles are prohibited.

Can you hunt with buckshot in PA?

It is lawful to: (1) Hunt and kill deer through the use of a muzzleloading long gun or a shotgun, at least [20] . 410 gauge (rifled barrels permitted), including semiautomatics which, upon discharge, propel a single projectile. (4) Take deer with a shotgun 20 gauge or larger, using buckshot in the Southeast area only.

What caliber is legal for deer in PA?

It is lawful to hunt deer during the regular and special firearms deer seasons with any of the following devices: (i) A manually operated, centerfire rifle or handgun. The firearm must be a . 24 caliber or larger firearm that propels single-projectile ammunition.

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Can you use a shotgun during rifle season in Pennsylvania?

Although semiautomatic rifles are legal for small game, they are not legal for deer hunting. In 2018, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners unanimously approval allowing semiautomatic centerfire shotguns that propel single-projectile ammunition, or slugs for deer, bear and elk seasons.

What calibers can you hunt with in PA?

223 Remington, . 22-250 Remington and 224 Weatherby. According to a Game Commission survey of state and provincial rules across the U.S. and Canada, 20 allow any centerfire calibers for hunting deer; seven require a minimum of . 22 centerfire; seven require a minimum of .

Can you carry a sidearm while hunting in PA?

Handguns. To lawfully carry a handgun while hunting, a hunter must carry a Sportsman’s Firearms Permit or a License to Carry Firearms permit. … A hunter with a Sportsman’s Firearms Permit may not carry a concealed handgun or a loaded handgun in a vehicle, and may not carry a handgun during bowhunting or spotlighting.

Can you use a semi auto shotgun for deer hunting?

You must know a lot of people who have one and you can shoot multiple rounds without having to move your position, which is a feature much appreciated in deer hunting. Like the pump action, semi-automatic shotguns are a reliable choice and they also load much faster.

Can you use a semi auto shotgun in PA for Turkey?

Currently, in Pennsylvania, we allow semi-automatic shotguns to be used for hunting small game, migratory birds, turkey and deer in special regulation areas (ammunition specific).

Can you bait deer in PA?

Aside from a few, very narrow exceptions, hunting through the use of bait is illegal in Pennsylvania. Yet, each year, it remains one of the top violations for which Game Commission wildlife conservation officers file charges. And the prevalence of baiting seems to have grown in recent years.

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Can you use a 22 250 for deer in Pennsylvania?

204 ruger, 22-250, . 222, . 223 etc. are legal for deer in pa.

What is the smallest caliber rifle for deer hunting?

Starting from small and working up, deer rifle calibers on the smallest end begin in the . 22 calibers. Hunting with a . 223 for deer in states where it’s legal is an option, but that is the very bottom end of calibers that might be right for a deer hunt.

Can you hunt with a 22 in PA?

It is lawful to hunt small game, except woodchucks, during any small game season with the following devices: (1) A manually operated or semiautomatic rimfire rifle or manually operated rimfire handgun. The firearm must be . 22 caliber or less, that propels single-projectile ammunition.