Can you hunt on state forest land in Michigan?

Splash. Michigan’s state forests are open for all to enjoy! Michigan’s forests offer an abundance of recreational opportunities including fishing, hiking, camping, ORV riding, hunting and more. Our forests are carefully managed to provide a balance between recreation and conservation.

Can you hunt deer on state land in Michigan?

11-12 this year — is a small part of Michigan’s deer hunting season. … “The hunt is open on public and private lands throughout the state on Saturday 9/11 and Sunday 9/12. Hunters may use a deer or deer combo license for an antlered or antlerless deer, and the bag limit for the season is one deer.

Can you hunt forest Service land in Michigan?

Hunting is allowed on National Forest lands with appropriate state hunting licenses. Seasons and bag limits are determined by the Michigan DNR, please visit their website for more information.

What can you do on state land in Michigan?

Forests, parks, trails, hunting land and more

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Public lands also offer Michigan residents and visitors ample opportunities to snowmobile, put a boat in the water, hunt, camp, hike, watch wildlife and learn about history – just to name a few of their benefits.

Can you shoot in state forest Michigan?

1. No target shooting allowed in state parks or recreation areas, except on designated shooting ranges. Target shooting is allowed in state forest areas. 2.

Can you hunt on your own land without a license in Michigan?

No license is required for a resident, resident’s spouse or resident’s children to hunt small game on the enclosed farmlands where they live, except a federal waterfowl stamp and state waterfowl license are required to hunt waterfowl.

Can you hunt with a rifle in Michigan?

Hunters can now use a . 35-caliber or larger rifle (or a shotgun, if that remains their firearm of choice), as long as it uses a straight-walled cartridge. … Hunting deer at close range with a lever-action . 44 Magnum rifle is a fun and challenging experience.

Can you hunt the Angelina National Forest?

Hundreds of wildlife species exist in the Angelina National Forest. Principal game in the forest is deer, squirrel, wild turkey, woodcock, quail, dove and duck, and sportsmen can enjoy hunting and fishing in accordance with state game laws.

Can you hunt on Sundays in Michigan?

The amendment broadly allows for hunting on Sundays with some exceptions, most relating to the proximity of a place of worship. … Prior to 2003, Sunday hunting in Michigan was banned on private land in certain counties, but in 2003, all Sunday hunting closures were repealed.

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What is a state game area?

The state has a system of publicly owned lands managed primarily for wildlife conservation, wildlife observation, recreational activities, and hunting. … GEMS and designated waterfowl production areas are categorized as state wildlife management areas.

Is there BLM land in Michigan?

Michigan does not have BLM land but plenty of forest service land. Most of these public lands are located in the northern half of the lower peninsula and through the upper peninsula. … You’ll need to follow a few rules to preserve the land around you when dispersed camping in Michigan.

Can you cut a Christmas tree on state land in Michigan?

You can cut any type of live conifer that is located in an area open for cutting. Tress can’t be taller than 20 feet. No topping trees; (i.e. no cutting the top 10 feet off of a 30 foot tree).

Can you ride horses on state land in Michigan?

Michigan’s new “Right to Ride” laws are getting mixed reviews from trail riders, eliciting elation and alarm in the horseback community. … Horseback riders are allowed to ride on state forest lands and trails, unless they are closed, and on designated trails in state parks and recreation areas.