Can you hunt on your own land in Colorado?

Hunting on private land in Colorado requires permission from the owner or occupant. Hunters are required to make a reasonable attempt to recover wounded wildlife, but they cannot pursue wounded wildlife onto private property without first making a reasonable attempt to contact the owner.

How many acres do I need to own to hunt in Colorado?

A deeded landowner must own a minimum of 160 contiguous acres to qualify.

Do you need a tag to hunt on your own land in Colorado?

Do You Need a Hunting License to Hunt on Private Land? In Colorado, limited licenses are distributed for big game hunting. Big game licenses are limited to a number of specific units and hunting seasons. … Private-land-only licenses can be applied for with special permission from a landowner.

What Animals Can you hunt without a license in Colorado?


Big game including deer, bear, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, pronghorn and turkey. Small game including pigeon, partridge, crow, starlings, grouse, pheasant, and quail.

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What is considered small game in Colorado?

This will allow hunters to hunt all small-game and furbearer species.

​​​​​​​​​2021 – 2022 Fees and Information.

​​Birds​ Dates Units/Info
​Pheasant ​Sept. 1 – Mar. 31, 2022 ​Statewide
Quail: Northern bobwhite, scaled & Gambel’s Sept. 1 – Mar. 31, 2022 Statewide
White-tailed ptarmigan Sept. 1 – Mar. 31, 2022 ​Statewide​

Do you have to wear orange when hunting small game in Colorado?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife strongly recommends wearing daylight fluorescent orange or florescent pink ​clothes in the field even if you’re not hunting. … Party hunt, which means to kill someone else’s game or allow someone to kill your game.

Can you hunt elk on your own land?

Eligible family members may hunt together on the described land but are not required to live in the same household. Landowner permits are not transferable. For Elk, landowners with property within an elk management zone are eligible to apply. … Landowner hunting tags are a great benefit to owners of hunting properties.

Does Colorado have landowner tags?

Colorado issues two types of landowner tags: unit-wide and private-land only. The unit-wide tag gives the hunter access to hunt on the private property for which the tag was issued, but also allows the hunter the privilege of hunting all public land in that unit.

Which of the following must you have in order to hunt on private land?

Even though a hunter may see other hunters on private land, they must still: Ask the landowner for permission before hunting. Define carrying capacity. The number of animals that a habitat can support.

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What land can I hunt in Colorado?

Colorado Hunting

  • Barr Lake State Park – Brighton.
  • Boyd Lake State Park – Loveland.
  • Crawford State Park – Crawford.
  • Harvey Gap State Park – Rifle.
  • Highline Lake State Park – Loma.
  • James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park – Clifton.
  • Lone Mesa State Park – Dolores.
  • Navajo State Park – Arboles.

Is it legal to shoot chipmunks in Colorado?

“Denver does not have any law that restricts people from killing nuisance wildlife on their property. The state allows you to kill nuisance wildlife,” said Denver Animal Shelter Spokesperson Meghan Hughes.

Can you shoot a bear on your property in Colorado?

Black bears and mountain lions CAN be killed when it is NECESSARY to prevent them from inflicting death, damage or injury to livestock, human life, real property, or a motor vehicle. Any wildlife killed shall remain the property of the state, and such killing shall be reported to the division within five days.