Can you hunt turkey with a bow in NC?

Long bows, recurve bows, compound bows, and crossbows are legal hunting implements for hunting wild turkeys in North Carolina.

Is bow hunting legal in turkey?

Hunters are limited to one bearded turkey per day with a spring season limit of three birds. … Turkeys also can be legally hunted with air rifles and lead pellets of at least 0.177 caliber. Crossbows may be used for the general turkey season but not during the archery season.

What can you hunt a turkey with in NC?

Use any type of handgun or rifle to hunt wild turkey. Knowingly take wild turkeys from within 300 yards of any place in which bait has been placed. (An area is considered baited until 10 days after the bait has been consumed or otherwise removed.)

Can you bow hunt in North Carolina?

Longbows, recurved bows, compound bows and crossbows are legal for hunting all species with an open hunting season. When used to hunt bear, deer, elk, wild turkey, alligator and feral swine: Longbows and recurved bows must have a minimum pull of 40 pounds. Compound bows must have a minimum pull of 35 pounds.

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Can you shoot fall turkey with a bow?

During the spring, a turkey’s raging hormones makes it easier to get them in bow range, but in the fall, if you want to be successful with your bow, you must be a woodsman — pattern turkey flocks, determine what they are eating and where they are feeding, and hunt them like you would a deer.

Where do you shoot a turkey with a bow?

However, if you’re hunting from a ground blind with your bow, the best place to aim on a broadside gobbler is at the top of his thighs. If the bird is facing you, shoot for the middle of the beard. If the turkey is facing away from you with his tail feathers spread, shoot for the anus.

Is there a bow season for turkey?

2020 SPRING SEASON DATES: (general season) March 28 to May 3; (archery-only) May 4-17; (additional junior) March 21-22, May 4-17.

Where can I hunt wild turkey in NC?

Carolina Woods & Water is the place for the best North Carolina turkey hunting! North Carolina’s turkey population is at an all-time high and the banks of the Roanoke River are no exception. Carolina Woods & Water offers guided North Carolina turkey hunts from mid-April to early May.

Can you turkey hunt on Sundays in North Carolina?

Hunting of migratory birds on Sundays remains prohibited. The new legislation gives the Commission the authority to lift the prohibition on migratory bird hunting after March 1, 2018.

When can you hunt turkeys in NC?

North Carolinians can start hunting wild turkey on April 3. The youth season is April 3 – 9, and the statewide season is April 10 – May 8. RALEIGH, N.C. (March 18, 2021) – Wild turkey hunting season opens in North Carolina on April 3. The youth season is April 3 – 9, and the statewide season is April 10 – May 8.

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Where can I bow hunt in NC?

Stretching across Burke, Cleveland, McDowell and Rutherford counties, South Mountain features three camp sites and a CURE (small-game restoration) area that’s open to bowhunting. The neighboring park also has camping facilities.

Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in North Carolina?

QUESTION: I hold a North Carolina concealed carry permit. May I carry my concealed carry firearm while hunting on game lands? ANSWER: Firearms, including handguns, are allowed on game lands during the open hunting seasons or hunting days for game birds or game animals other than fox.

Can you bow hunt in city limits in NC?

Hunting during the Urban Archery Season is allowed ONLY in participating municipalities. within the city, town and village limits. … requirement for obtaining permission from the landowner before hunting. Hunters are legally required to obtain written permission to hunt on posted property.