Can you hunt turkeys in Florida?

Florida has abundant wild turkey populations, which offer sustainable harvest opportunities throughout the state. … Hunting wild turkeys is challenging but can be rewarding when you have opportunities to see birds and harvest a gobbler (male turkey).

How much does it cost to hunt turkey in Florida?

FLORIDA TURKEY HUNTING HUNTING LICENSE REQUIRED * Annual Hunting License (Resident) $17.00 * Turkey Permit (Resident) $10.00 * 10 Day Hunting (Non-Resident) $ 46.50 * Turkey Permit (Non-Resident) $ 125.00 SPRING TURKEY HUNTING DATES!

When can you hunt turkey in Florida?

Florida’s wild turkey season opens March 7 south of State Road 70 and March 21 in the rest of the state on lands outside of the wildlife management area system. “Wild turkeys are challenging to hunt.

Can you turkey hunt all day in Florida?

In Florida, the spring wild turkey season limit is two birds. On lands outside of the wildlife management area (WMA) system, you may take two in one day, except in Holmes County where the season and daily limit is one. On WMAs, the daily bag limit is one turkey.

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How much is a turkey tag in Florida?

License and permit exemptions

Hunting Permits and Related Licenses (Resident and Nonresident) Annual 5-Year (Residents only)
Turkey Permit (Resident) $10.00 $50.00
Turkey Permit (Nonresident) $125.00
Florida Waterfowl Permit $5.00 $25.00
Migratory Bird Permit (valid Sept. 1 – March 31) No Cost

Can you hunt turkey on your own property?

California’s wild turkey populations are healthy and growing. … Where safe and legal, hunt wild turkeys on your property, or allow others to hunt them. A hunting license and upland game bird stamp are required. Legal methods of take include shotgun, archery equipment, or air rifle.

Can you turkey hunt with a rifle in Florida?

General gun season — Centerfire rifles, shotguns, centerfire pistols, muzzleloaders, pre-charged pneumatic air guns, crossbows and bows may be used. … 2 Fall and spring turkey seasons – Shotguns, rifles, pre-charged pneumatic air guns, pistols, muzzleloaders, crossbows or bows may be used.

Are wild turkeys protected in Florida?

Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission plan to visit the neighborhood soon to check out the terrorizing turkeys. … Turkeys are game species, so the birds are protected and can’t be taken outside of designated legal hunting seasons — which begins in March.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt turkey in Florida?

License and Permit Requirements

To hunt wild turkeys at a WMA, hunters will need a hunting license, a turkey permit and a management area permit, unless exempt. These licenses and permits can be purchased with a credit card at or by calling 888-HUNT-FLORIDA (486-8356).

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Can you shoot turkey with a rifle?

Hitting a turkey square in the body with a deer rifle is a good way to destroy your Thanksgiving dinner. When aiming at a turkey, keep the bird’s head above the bead. A common practice is to aim for the turkey’s wattle. Killing a turkey with a bow is much more difficult than killing one with a shotgun.

Do you have to tag a turkey in Florida?

A) There is no tagging or reporting requirement for Turkey’s in the state of Florida.

Can you bait turkeys in Florida?

Except for turkeys, you’re permitted to take resident game over feeding stations on private property. It’s against the law to feed or use bait on WMAs. You may not use dogs to hunt deer or turkeys during archery season, but you may use bird dogs if you’re quail hunting.

Where can you hunt for free in Florida?

Hunting Florida’s national wildlife refuges (NWR)

  • Chassahowitzka NWR, 1502 Southeast Kings Bay Dr., Crystal River, FL 34429; 352-563-2088.
  • Ten Thousand Islands NWR, 12085 State Road 29 South, Immokalee FL 34142; 239-657-8001.
  • A.R.M. …
  • Lower Suwannee NWR, 16450 NW 31st Place, Chiefland, FL 32626; 352-493-0238.