Can you kill a deer with a 16 gauge shotgun?

The 16-Gauge Is Most Versatile Shotgun. … With the advancements in bismuth and tungsten shotshells and choke technology, the 16 can handle any kind of wild game you can legally shoot with a shotgun. Waterfowl, turkeys, grouse, pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, and even deer are all a good fit for the 16-gauge shotgun.

What is a 16-gauge shotgun best for?

While it’s certainly a capable all-around shotgun gauge suitable for deer, turkey, and duck hunting, the 16 gauge is most often used in the United States for hunting small and upland game like pheasant, quail, dove, grouse, rabbit, and squirrel.

What gauge shotgun do you need for deer hunting?

Go with 12-Gauge or Larger for Deer

This means most hunters will be best served by a 12-gauge. 16-gauges gauges can get the job done, and 20-gauge shotguns are easier for smaller hunters, but almost every deer hunter during shotgun season is toting a 12-gauge shotgun, while some will go even larger with a 10-gauge.

Does anyone still make a 16-gauge shotgun?

Affordable, 16-gauge shotguns are available from Savage Arms, Browning (new for 2019 Citori 525 Field, and the A5 Sweet Sixteen Feather Superlight 16-Gauge), TriStar and CZ-USA, among others.

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How far will a 16-gauge slug shoot?

When used in choked barrels, this is a very effective load for medium-sized game at ranges of up to 35 / 36 metres.

Is a 16 gauge good for deer hunting?

Waterfowl, turkeys, grouse, pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, and even deer are all a good fit for the 16-gauge shotgun. … And since several ammo manufacturers offer the 16 shotshell in a 1 1/8-ounce shot charge now, its payload is heavier than most 20-gauge shells and all 28-gauge offerings.

How much is a Stevens 16 gauge shotgun worth?

How much is a Stevens 16 gauge shotgun worth? SAVAGE ARMS STEVENS shotgun PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A SAVAGE ARMS STEVENS shotgun is currently worth an average price of $298.36 new and $297.82 used .

Can I shoot deer with a shotgun?

The efficacy of shotgun deer hunting. Some hunters in western states may only think of shotguns as bird guns, but I can tell you they are incredibly effective for whitetail deer. In fact, they’re a very affordable way to hunt. … I shoot 2 ¾-inch, rifled, foster-style shotgun slugs out of it.

Can you shoot a deer with a 20-gauge shotgun?

If the recoil from a 12-gauge is too much, 20-gauge slug guns are a fantastic and highly ethical option. A great aspect of hunting deer with a slug shotgun is barrels tend to be shorter (between 18 and 26 inches). … An effective slug gun is highly maneuverable and perfect for making quick shots.

How far can you shoot a deer with a 12-gauge shotgun?

Generally, about 100 yards. However deer accuracy distance is very dependent on the particular shotgun and ammo. Some special shotgun and ammo combinations may be accurate as far as 200 yards, some less than 100 yards.

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Is a 16 gauge shotgun good for turkey hunting?

The 16 gauge has plenty of power and 6 shot will do the job fine. Just know where the gun shoots and keep the range reasonable. I’ve carried a 16 a few times turkey hunting but never fired one at a bird.

Can you duck hunt with a 16 gauge?

I hunt ducks regularly with a 16 ga. BPS, over decoys and jump-shooting along creeks and marshes. I usually use a 12 ga. for geese, but I wouldn’t hesitate to take the right shot with a 16.

Is a 16 gauge good for pheasant hunting?

Registered. A 16 gauge would be fine for all reasonable shots. It will not be as effective as a 3 12″ 12 gauge for a person who shoots at birds flushing in the next county. #5 shot is my personal favorite for pheasants regardless of the gauge of the gun.