Do duck decoys scare geese?

Will duck decoys work for geese?

The trend in goose hunting is to use bigger and bigger decoys, but I’ve found that geese will often finish better to smaller decoys, maybe because of the depth perception factor. And if everybody around you is using oversized decoys, going to a smaller decoy might actually give your spread a better look.”

Do geese not like mojos?

Avery Pro Staffer Arliss Reed swears the secret is in a spinning wing decoy. But left running, a spinning wing deke like a Mojo will flare geese. … This bright piece of metal can spook geese, so by flipping the wings, the brown side will face up when the Mojo turns off. This way it blends in better to the field.

Will geese come into decoys without calling?

It is absolutely possible to hunt geese without decoys if you are in the right spot and you are well concealed. In most cases, it will likely improve your chances by adding some decoys to your hunting location but if you do not have immediate access to decoys then you certainly can give these techniques a try.

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Is it OK to leave goose decoys out?


Even at my own club with smaller spreads, most of the shooters do not want to deal with setting out and picking up decoys each morning. That being said, I strongly feel that leaving decoys out is detrimental. Any birds using the water get used to the decoys, and they become far less effective.

Where do you put duck decoys in goose spread?

Geese do not like to land over ducks . I always set my ducks decoys off to the far side of the goose kill hole . as to not let the geese have to land over the ducks . ducks don’t care about that , they will land right in goose decoys spread .

How many duck decoys do I need?

If you are going to hunt ducks in a serious manner, you’ll usually need at least two dozen decoys to start out. And more is better, since for waterfowl there is safety in numbers. Unless you throw your decoys in a boat and haul them around that way, you’ll need a good decoy bag or two for carrying them.

Do spinners scare geese?

Best bird blinder pinwheels that will protect your area against any birds such as woodpeckers, geese, pigeons, blackbirds and much more. Quality Wind Spinners – Tapix bird blinder repellent pinwheels is made from durable plastic material for outdoor use.

Do geese like shiny things?

As pretty as ducks are, they don’t shine like glossy-painted plastic.

How many floating goose decoys do I need?

When targeting only geese over water using a boat we typically run as many as we can fit which depending what boat blind we take out its anywhere from 60 to 120 I feel the more the better along with that if the situation presents itself we always throw out around four dozen land decoys if we can.

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Can you overcall geese?

“You can definitely overcall geese. You have to learn to watch and listen.

How many decoys do I need for goose hunting?

On smaller, confined waters, a spread of six to 36 decoys should be sufficient. On larger waters or dry fields, hunters should put out as many decoys as practical. I never heard of anybody scaring ducks or geese away because they used too many decoys. Typically, the more, the merrier.