Do you need a license to hunt raccoons in Oklahoma?

Resident (unless exempt): … Resident Fur License (required to take raccoon, bobcat, gray/red fox and river otter)

Can you shoot raccoons in Oklahoma?

It is required for all persons who are hunting bobcats, foxes, raccoon and river otters, regardless of the age of the hunter or the means in which the animal is hunted (archery or firearm). … During hunting seasons, from dawn to sunset, a hunter must wear hunter orange on their heads and on their torsos to their waists.

Can you hunt without a license in Oklahoma?

Except as otherwise provided for in the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Code or the Oklahoma Farmed Cervidae Act, no person may hunt, pursue, trap, harass, catch, kill, take or attempt to take in any manner, use, have in possession, sell, or transport all or any portion of any wildlife except fish, without having first …

What Animals Can you hunt year round in Oklahoma?

Game species in Oklahoma are categorized as follows:

  • Big game including deer, elk, bear, pronghorn antelope and turkey.
  • Small game including rabbit, squirrel, woodcock, and rails.
  • Waterfowl and other migratory game birds including ducks, geese, and dove.
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Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has an open hunting season year-round for coyotes, with no daily, season or possession limits. Hunters need only a hunting license to take coyotes with any legal firearms or archery equipment at any time during daylight hours. … Coyote trapping is legal throughout the year.

Can I shoot starlings in Oklahoma?

Protected Species

All migratory birds, which include all hawks, owls, eagles, songbirds and all other birds, except resident game birds, house sparrows and starlings, are protected by federal and state law. House sparrows and starlings are the only birds that are not protected by either federal or state law.

Can you hog hunt at night in Oklahoma?

Hogs may be taken year-round on private land during daylight hours or at night with permission from the private property owner, lessee or occupant of the land. The pursuit of feral hogs with a shotgun on private property is not restricted by shot size.

Who is exempt from hunting license in Oklahoma?

Residents under 16 years of age are exempt from the purchase of the hunting license, federal duck stamp, Oklahoma waterfowl license, Wildlife Conservation Passport, land access permit and HIP requirements.

How much is the fine for hunting without a license in Oklahoma?

Summary: This law reflects Oklahoma’s hunter harassment provision. Under the law, a person may not willfully obstruct or impede the participation of any individual in the lawful activity of shooting, hunting, fishing or trapping in this state. Violation is a misdemeanor with a fine of $100 to $500.

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How much is a ticket for hunting without a license Oklahoma?

People caught fishing or hunting without a license can purchase a temporary 30-day license while out in the field for $50. Money raised through licenses helps to fund wildlife conservation in Oklahoma.

What big game can you hunt in Oklahoma?

This includes Deer Archery, Elk Archery, Antelope Archery & Bear Archery seasons. Bow: Any compound bow of 30 pounds or more draw weight; any recurve, longbow or self-bow of 40 pounds or more draw weight. Hand-held releases are legal.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Oklahoma?

The minimum parcel size for hunting properties is 40 acres.

What is Oklahoma known for hunting?

What To Hunt | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.