Frequent question: What part of Montana has the best elk hunting?

Northwest Montana offers some of the best elk hunting in Montana. The area we guide boast some of the oldest age class bulls in the state due to the terrain, cover and brow tine restrictions our area has to offer. You will be hunting elk from 2500 feet to 7000 feet.

Where is the best place to hunt elk in Montana?

Gallatin National Forest, Montana

With over several million acres of prime elk hunting, Montana provides excellent hunting for both the novice and experienced. And with nearly 50 percent of the state’s elk harvest coming from the southwest, Gallation National Forest is the place to be.

Where is the biggest elk herd in Montana?

One of the state’s largest elk herds roams across the Big and Little Snowy mountains of central Montana. More than 7,200 elk were counted in the area last spring, most of them (about 6,600) live on the east end of the Little Snowies on land owned by billionaire brothers Farris and Dan Wilks.

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Does Montana have good elk hunting?

“The Big Sky Country” boasts of a healthy elk herd, with some 135,000 animals, good options for combining an elk hunt with a hunt for mule or whitetail deer, black bear, mountain lion or upland birds. With the state producing many record-breaking trophies, Montana is one of elk hunting magnets.

Where is the best hunting in Montana?

With more than 33 million acres of public land, Montana offers incredible access to western big-game hunting and fine fishing.

  • Gallatin National Forest. • 1.8 million acres. …
  • Flathead National Forest. • 2. …
  • School Trust Lands. • 5.5 million acres available. …
  • Kootenai National Forest. …
  • Lewis and Clark National Forest.

Where are the elk herds in Montana?

Elk can be found in prairie regions and foothills of mountain ranges, as well as in the mountains themselves. The range for elk in Central Montana extends from the Missouri River Breaks on the north (both public and private lands) to the many mountain ranges in the central and south central portions of Montana.

How hard is it to get an elk tag in Montana?

The rifle permits have tough odds, but most of the archery permits are drawn every two to five years as a non-resident. Go on More Hunts with Better Information, Join Huntin’ Fool Today!

Where can I hunt elk in Montana on public land?

Most elk on public land live in national forests. West of a line from Billings to Gla- cier National Park, every national forest in Montana holds elk.

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How many elk are in Montana 2020?

The Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks estimates there were 170,000 elk in Montana in 2020. Montana law requires that FWP manage elk populations in a way that reaches sustainable population objectives.

Can you shoot a spike bull elk in Montana?

A: For your Montana bow hunt, any elk is legal except for a “spike” bull. For your Montana rifle hunt, only a brow tined bull is legal, which is defined as a bull with a brow tine at least 4″ long on the bottom half of his main beam.

How much is a guided elk hunt in Montana?

Rifle Hunts

Elk – 6 Day Hunt (very difficult draw) $5,750
Antelope – 3 Day Hunt $2,500
Big Horn Sheep – 6 Day Hunt Call for Pricing
Cow Elk – 2 Day Hunt $2,000
Cow Elk added to Mule Deer Hunt $750

Can a Canadian hunt elk in Montana?

There are 17,000 elk or elk/deer combination licenses available for non-residents, and they did not sell out until 2017. …

How many elk tags does Montana give out?

If you do not hold a general Elk license, you could obtain up to three Elk B licenses. Hunters electing Elk B license opportunities through the Surplus License List may only purchase one. However, additional opportunities up to your maximum of three may be made available through over the counter or damage hunt sales.