Frequent question: When can you bait bear in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, baiting is allowed for 145 days before hunting season, from mid-April through early October. That is “virtually the entire active period for bears,” researchers noted.

When can you start baiting bears in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin allows 180 days of baiting beginning in mid-April through the end of the hunting season in October. The DNR estimates more than 4 million gallons of bear bait are deployed annually in Wisconsin. The researchers said the baiting period spans virtually the entire active period for bears.

When should I start baiting my bear?

If you’re hunting a pressured area you might consider the “short bait.” If the guys around you are baiting for weeks and months, try waiting until five to seven days before season to put out a great bait with lots of options and scent. The bears are in the area, and they’ll be interested in something new.

Can you hunt bear over bait in Wisconsin?

Bait may be placed and used for the purpose of hunting bear or training bear dogs statewide*, except that no person may place, use, or hunt over bait placed for bears: • • • That is not totally enclosed in a hollow log, a hole in the ground, or stump, and is capped with logs, rocks, or other naturally occurring and …

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Can you bait bear on public land in Wisconsin?

Bear baiting is completely legal in Wisconsin. With a Class A or B license, anyone can clear some public forest land and start dumping food waste and oil at as many of these sites as you can (or can’t) manage.

Can you bait deer in Wisconsin in 2021?

Published on September 28, 2021

State law requires that the DNR enact a ban on baiting and feeding deer in counties when a farm-raised or wild animal tests positive for CWD or tuberculosis in the county where detected and any other counties within a 10-mile radius of the positive animal’s known location. … 1, 2021.

How often should you bear bait?

Baits should be filled every 2-3 days when possible. You can take more time in between but if you wait too long with an empty bait, big bears will move on.

What is the best bear bait?

We have found that breads, donuts, dog food, and popcorn all seem to work great and can be fairly easy to get your hands on. Bears love to load up on carbs and can spend hours devouring several hundred pounds, so make sure you’ve got plenty of bait.

Will bacon grease attract bears?

Here are a few tips that will really get the bait fired up. All year long I save used cooking oil, bacon grease, hamburger grease and so forth. We deep fry a lot of fish at our house and the used vegetable oil smells pretty good to a bear, especially when mixed with bacon grease.

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Is baiting legal in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters and wildlife observers that deer baiting and feeding are prohibited in much of the state — including in our northern area counties. … Baiting must stop at the close of all deer seasons. • Place, use or hunt over more than two gallons of bait.

Is a food plot considered baiting?

Due to their size and amount of food produced, food plots spread deer out over a much larger area than bait sites, and thus they mimic natural forage in woods and fields. … Some people equate food plots to baiting and claim that if baiting is not allowed then food plots should be illegal too.