Frequent question: Where can I duck hunt in Skagit County?

Skagit Bay Estuary – The Skagit Bay estuary extends from the Skagit River North Fork to the Skagit River South Fork, and south to Stanwood or the South Bay area. The entire area is approximately 12,000 acres, and provides prime waterfowl hunting from a boat or by foot during low tides.

How do I find somewhere to duck hunt?

Take a good pair of binoculars for better long-range viewing. Pay special attention to watershed areas between two refuges or large duck concentration areas. When birds circulate to find food or rest areas, they frequently do so along creeks or rivers adjacent to their desired line of travel.

Can you duck hunt on the Columbia River?

Waterfowl hunting should peak this month in Southwest Washington as northern ducks and geese make their way south from Alaska and Canada. … And there is the Columbia River itself, with almost the entire river open for hunting. Sloughs, islands, and bankside marshes beckon both birds and hunters.

Can you duck hunt from shore?

Birds can still approach parallel with the shoreline, and they’ll see open water as they do so. However, because the wind is blowing toward shore, ducks will try to land while quartering away from shore. So, it’s best to set your decoys somewhat closer to shore and take birds at the closest point of their approach.

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How close to a house can I duck hunt?

A waterfowl hunter may legally hunt from shore, a boat, or blind even if there is a house less than 500 feet behind him or her, as long as shooting occurs out over the water and away from the house.

How do you e scout for ducks?

The following 10 tips from these experts will help you scout more efficiently and effectively for better waterfowl hunting this fall.

  1. Talk to Landowners Prior to the Season. …
  2. Follow the Birds. …
  3. Target Loafing Areas. …
  4. Find Feeding Areas. …
  5. Scout Weather and Cover. …
  6. Watch Other Hunters. …
  7. Build a Network. …
  8. Stay Flexible.

How long is duck season?

2021-2022 Regulations

Southern San Joaquin Valley Zone Ducks only Oct 23 – Jan 31 & Feb 5 – 6, Feb 19 – 20, Feb 26 – 27
Southern California Zone Same as regular season Oct 23 – Jan 31 & Feb 5 – 6, Feb 19 – 20, Feb 26 – 27
Colorado River Zone Ducks only Oct 23 – Jan 31 & Feb 1 – 4

Is duck hunting good in Washington state?

Washington is host to some excellent waterfowl hunting, including fantastic opportunities for a wide variety of species around the state.

Where can I duck hunt in Oregon?

Public land opportunities

The best place to start is one of the established and publicly managed access areas such as Sauvie Island, Fern Ridge and E.E. Wilson. These locations provide pre-built duck blinds, helpful staff and an opportunity to learn without much risk or hunting knowledge.

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Do you need a blind to duck Hunt?

Duck hunters commonly use camo clothing, a blind bag, binoculars, a thermos, flashlights, decoy gloves, mechanical decoys, and other accessories. But none of these items is an absolute necessity.

What do duck hunters hide in?

A hunting blind (US), hide or machan is a concealment device or shelter for hunters or gamekeepers, designed to reduce the chance of detection by animals. There are different types of blinds for different situations, such as deer blinds and duck blinds. Some are exceedingly simple, while others are complex.

How do you hide duck hunting?

A common way that many duck hunters use to conceal with minimal effort is sitting underneath a tree line. My favorite hunting pond has a tree line that borders it while the other 3 sides of the pond are open. I simply sit with my back to one of the trees and place the decoys in front of me in the pond.