How do I prepare my clothes for deer hunting?

What should I wash my clothes in before hunting?

A wild animal has even more attuned senses than your hunting dog.

  • The best way to wash hunting clothes is to presoak them in a bucket with Baking Soda, before washing them in a machine with scent-free detergent.
  • Washing your hunting clothes with baking soda is a cheap, effective way to lower your scent signature.

What do you wash your clothes in for deer hunting?

As soon as possible after the hunt, thoroughly wash the game bags with unscented heavy-duty detergent (Tide and Persil contain enough stain-removing enzymes to remove stains) and a light solution of chlorine bleach using the hottest water possible.

Can you wear deodorant when deer hunting?

Getting all your clothing in ship-shape before and during the season certainly can give you an edge while deer hunting. Deodorant. … We all know deodorant is important for adults, and as hunters we can’t get away without using it, so we might as well use a scent-free version. Laundry detergent.

Does rain wash away human scent for deer hunting?

Reason to Hunt in the Rain: Smell. I believe a deer’s sense of smell is not only it’s No. … A steady autumn rain helps wash away human scent more quickly. This is a tricky situation, however, as humid, damp conditions also help a deer’s sense of smell.

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Can you put hunting clothes in the dryer?

Write a “DO NOT USE” note and stick it on the clothes dryer. … Standard detergent odors, scented dryer sheet odors, and who knows what else abound in a dryer. Some of those odors will inevitably transfer to your hunting clothes, if you use it to dry them. Instead, you’ll want to hang your clothes outside to air-dry.

How much baking soda do I use to wash my hunting clothes?

How much baking soda do I use to wash hunting clothes? Sprinkle ½ cup (115 g) of baking soda in with your laundry load. Set your washing machine to a cold water cycle and put all of your hunting clothes inside. Put your baking soda directly in the main compartment with your clothes before running the load.

How do you wash blood out of hunting clothes?

to wash blood out DO NOT use hot water. use ice cold water and hand wash the area with soap. removes blood very easy. hot water sets the proteins and then you’ll have a stain.

How do you get UV off clothes?

Spray clothing with a UV neutralizer spray such as U-V-Killer. These sprays neutralize and block the UV reflections. Verify with the black light that no glowing “hot spots” have been missed. Wash clothes in a UV-free detergent to prevent UV reflectors being redeposited.

How do you control your scent when hunting deer?

10 Scent Control Tips to Help You See More Deer

  1. Prepare Your Hunting Clothes. …
  2. Wear Rubber Boots. …
  3. Pay Attention to Personal Hygiene. …
  4. Pay Attention to What You Eat. …
  5. Avoid Smoking, Chewing and Vaping. …
  6. Be Careful with Campfire Smoke. …
  7. Stand/Blind Preparation. …
  8. Use Scent Reduction Products.
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How far can deer smell?

ANSWER: Under normal conditions, a deer can smell a human that is not making any attempt to hide its odor at least 1/4 mile away. If the scenting conditions are perfect (humid with a light breeze), it can even be farther. So they are pretty impressive.