How far from a deer feeder can you dove hunt?

Can you hunt dove near a deer feeder in Texas?

There is no legal distance listed. It is at the discretion of your individual game warden to decide if your birds are being manipulated by the bait… ie flying to it or leaving it to get water and you shoot them.

Do doves eat deer corn?

Corn is good for doves, because there isn’t a grain that they like better, but it can be too much of a good thing for hunters. As vast acres of flooded bottomlands scatter ducks and bumper crops of acorns disperse whitetails, abundant fields of corn spread out doves rather than concentrate them.

How long does it take doves to find seed?

Remember, it takes 60 days to grow millet to maturity (good seed formation). If it is not raining and weather allows, you can cut, bale and remove the hay within a week. You need another week or 2 for doves to find the field and start feeding. This is somewhere around 75-80 days before you are ready to hunt.

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Does dove hunting scare deer?

Agreed… I dove hunt very near to one of my deer spots and it doesn’t affect them at all. Just hunt the fringe areas of the property if possible and stay out of the deer’s core territory and you won’t do any harm other than filling he grill with dove breasts.

Can you hunt dove with a 22?

In short, NO. Those . 22 rounds ricochet off of everything. We had to take cover once, down in Niland, because some homey decided to ground sluice dove in a field.

Do I need a plug for dove hunting?

Federal regulations require that when hunting migratory birds, including the common dove, the tubular magazine must have a plug inserted so that the total holding capacity of the shotgun does not exceed three shot-shells (one in the chamber, two in the magazine).

What is the best food plot for dove?

Dove Food Plot sites are best located next to woods, vacant fields, and natural habitats. Some of the crops that attract dove are millets, chufas, corn, peanuts, sesame herbage, sesbana, vetch, partridge peas, buckwheat, and tartary buckwheat.

How many acres do you need for a dove field?

Dove fields ranging from two to six acres are better, as they provide the birds with ample food and are large enough to accommodate more hunters. Several fields from two-to-six acres are even better. dove field. As previously stated, mourning doves prefer open, disturbed ground with plenty of seed plants available.

How can I attract more doves?

Providing a range of grains and seeds is a sure way to attract doves, and they are partial to sunflower seeds, millet, milo, cracked corn, and wheat. Because these are larger birds, they prefer feeding on the ground or using large, stable tray or platform feeders that have adequate room to perch.

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How do you attract doves to a field?

In early fall, doves are heavy feeders. They seem to prefer freshly cut grain fields above all else. Standing corn, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghum, sunflower and foxtail will all attract doves, but not nearly as much as if it were lying on the ground.

What is considered baiting dove?

Baiting is the direct or indirect placing, exposing, depositing, distributing, or scattering of salt, grain, or other feed that could lure or attract migratory game birds to, on, or over any areas where hunters are attempting to take them.

Can you dove hunt a hay field?

A freshly cut hayfield can draw birds, and the bales make for good places to hide. Some of our best dove hunts over the years have taken place on recently baled hayfields. … Those with more weeds and seed heads will attract more birds than clean grass, clover, or alfalfa fields.