How much is an Indiana hunting license?

How much is a resident hunting license in Indiana?

License Prices

License Category License Type Resident1
Hunt (small game) Annual Hunting 2 $17
Five-Day Hunting 2 na
Deer Deer Hunting 3 $24 4
Deer License Bundle $65

Do you need a hunting license to hunt on your own land in Indiana?

Exemptions: Landowners or lessees of farmland who farm that land and are residents of Indiana are not required to obtain a permit while hunting, fishing, or trapping on the land they own or lease. A license is also NOT required for the landowner’s or lessee’s spouse or children living with them.

How long does it take to get a hunting license in Indiana?

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Include: The license(s) and season (e.g., deer muzzleloader) you are purchasing. Name, date of birth, Indiana Driver’s License number, and Social Security number (required by IC 14-22-11-3)

Can you buy a lifetime hunting license in Indiana?

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is no longer selling lifetime licenses (except the Senior Fish for Life License).

Can you carry a handgun while hunting in Indiana?

Yes, an individual may carry a handgun while hunting without a handgun license in accordance with Indiana Code 35-47-2-1.

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What is Indiana deer license bundle?

The deer license bundle is one license that includes privileges to harvest two antlerless deer and one antlered deer or three antlerless deer. The deer license bundle cannot be used to satisfy deer reduction zone bag limits.

Can DNR come on private property in Indiana?

Do not trespass on private property.

How many deer can I shoot in Indiana?

You are allowed to harvest one antlered deer per year in the regular deer season in Indiana. Additional opportunities may be granted to take an additional antlered deer in special circumstances, such as hunting in a Deer Reduction Zone, a military/refuge hunt, or in a State Park hunt.