Is Idaho a good state to hunt?

Idaho has some of the widest variety and best big game hunting in the west, and general seasons for most species. Idaho has some of the best elk hunting in the world. Deer are found throughout Idaho, with whitetails found primarily north of the Salmon River, and are generally hunted later in the fall than mule deer.

What part of Idaho has the best hunting?

The Big Hole Range, Snake River Range and its high desert offers some of the best big game hunting anywhere. Eastern Idaho’s Caribou/Targhee National Forest is known for its abundance and variety of wildlife.

Does Idaho have good deer hunting?

Idaho offers opportunities to hunt whitetail deer as well. The whitetail population is doing a little better than its mule deer, and statewide, whitetail success rates in 2020 were about even with its 10-year average. Idaho’s highest whitetail densities are found in the Panhandle region.

Which US state has the best hunting?

1. Alaska. Alaska is one of the best states for both fishing and hunting. Alaska has miles and miles of nearly untouched nature and breathtaking glaciers, tundras, mountains, and forests.

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What do you hunt in Idaho?

About hunting in Idaho

Species include elk, deer, pronghorn, black bears, mountain lions, wolves, moose, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep. In addition, the upland bird hunting is excellent, with California quail, chukar, grey partridge, five types of grouse, pheasants, and turkeys available.

Where are the most deer in Idaho?

Mule deer are widespread in the central mountains and southern deserts of Idaho, while white-tailed deer dominate the northern forested areas of Idaho. Every fall hunters eagerly look forward to the annual deer hunt.

How many elk are in Idaho?

Changing conditions and management challenges have always been part of the landscape, but with responsive management and more than 120,000 elk, Idaho continues to provide an incredible variety of excellent elk hunting opportunities desired by sportsmen. system to offer elk hunters the most general season choices.

Where is the best elk hunting in Idaho?

The Boise River Zone is composed of just a single hunting unit (Unit 39), which has been the top unit for elk harvest for two straight years and routinely competes with Unit 1 in Northern Idaho for the top spot. Things are also looking good in the Sawtooth Zone after a mild winter.

How many deer are in Idaho?

Idaho Deer: About 570,000 deer in 2017, 550,000 in 2016, and 520,000 deer in 2015. Deer populations were nearly stable into 2021 and trended up for four years into 2016 given relatively mild winters. An estimated 440,000 deer in 2014 and 385,000 in 2013.

What state kills the most deer?

States with the largest antlerless deer kills in 2019-20 were Texas, 386,088; Pennsylvania, 226,191; Wisconsin, 152,726; Michigan, 152,451; and Missouri, 151,781.

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What state hunts the most deer?

Texas lead the nation in number of deer hunters in 2016-2017 with nearly 740,000 participants. The Lone Star State has also seen a 28% increase in deer hunters from 2006 to 2016, according to QDMA.

What state has the best deer?

The Overall Top 10 States for Deer Hunters

  • Wisconsin. Far and away, Wisconsin is the highest producer of B&C-ranked whitetails. …
  • Kentucky. Despite the fact that Kentucky is a one-buck-per-year state, that hasn’t stopped hunters there from having success. …
  • Ohio. …
  • Indiana. …
  • Iowa. …
  • Minnesota. …
  • Illinois. …
  • Kansas.