Is it good to hunt after rain?

They prefer not to hunt in the rain. However, after a rain, the woods will be still and quiet. When the bucks begin to move after the rain, they generally can hear, see and smell better than under any other weather conditions. If a hunter waits until after the rain to hunt, a deer may spot him before he sees the deer.

Should I hunt before or after rain?

As soon as the rain stops the first thing bucks will do is freshen up their scrapes. If you get there before them it is a good option. Before the rain starts deer will try to fill their bellies as much as they can, so any oak stands or fields would be a good bet.

Is hunting after a storm good?

Deer do the same after a storm passes. The storm doesn’t have to be a big one, either. If wind or heavy rains keeps a buck from feeding at night, he will be out in the morning if conditions settle down. Focus your efforts on the same areas you did before the storm passed.

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Is it a waste of time to hunt in the rain?

Hunting whitetail deer in the rain, during a heavy rainfall can be a simple waste of time. … As a result of this deer may move and feed during the day when there is light rain, drizzle or snow, because the low light factor and limited visibility make them feel secure.

Is rain Good hunting weather?

Rainy days are excellent times to hunt those spots that often hold other hunters in balmier weather. During rainy periods, far fewer vehicles are parked along woods roads, giving you your choice of hotspots because everyone else is safe and warm back at camp.

Can deer smell in the rain?

It’s no secret deer rely on their senses of smell and hearing as top lines of defense. Rain can influence both. Swirling clouds of scent molecules, both good and bad, can be rain-washed from the air, making it difficult for deer to smell that which their nose would have otherwise known.

Do black bears move in the rain?

However, bears, as with most animals, tend to be the most active during the coolest times of the day. General Weather Conditions: Black bears are resilient animals. Rain and other unpleasant weather conditions do not seem to dramatically affect their movement.

Where do deer go after rain?

When faced with heavy downpour most deer will seek shelter under forest canopies, but mule deer are found in places where these kinds of forests are scarce. In heavy rain mule deer will seek any form of shelter they can find, often hiding under stray foliage where possible.

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Are deer active after a storm?

It was in that first hour I ended up shooting the buck we had observed the night before after a pair of does came walking through the marsh we were situated over. Barometric pressure is one of the main conditions I keep track of to determine optimal days and times to be in the woods hunting whitetails.

Is it better to hunt before or after a front?

First Morning After a Cold Front – The best time to hunt deer is the morning after a cold front passes. As temperatures stabilize and skies clear, mature whitetail bucks will be moving towards food sources and also concentrating on pre-rut or rut activities depending on the time of year.

Will deer bed down in the rain?

Heavy rains or thunderstorms will cause deer to bed down in a sheltered area of some kind. Any high winds, rain or not, will also discourage their movement. Since light rain doesn’t alter a deer’s activity, this time can be very rewarding for you.

How do you stay dry in the rain?

4 Tips for Bow Hunting in the Rain

  1. Wear the Best Rain Gear for Bow Hunting. If you’re a seasoned hunter, you may already know that some of the best times to hunt are after a long, heavy rain. …
  2. Keep Dry Clothes and Towels in Your Car. …
  3. Invest in Waterproof Bags and Spray. …
  4. Use a Tree Umbrella or Ground Blind.

Will big bucks move in the rain?

Big Deer Move In The Rain

Luckily for hunters, big deer move before, during, and after any type of weather activity, excluding a torrential downpour. This can be one of the only chances a hunter will get to see that huge whitetail they see on their trail cam.

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