Is Ohio Good for hunting?

The habitat of Ohio makes it one of the ideal deer hunting states, giving plenty of nutrition to deer, yet still providing them with ideal edge and forest habitat. Outfitters, hunters, and landowners throughout the state are gradually working together to improve the habitat throughout the state.

Does Ohio have big bucks?

Record Setting Ohio Whitetails

Ohio is home to some of the biggest whitetail bucks in the world, including the #2 non-typical of all time… The “Hole in the Horn” buck. This unbelievable buck was found dead in Portage county in 1940 and scored an incredible 328 2/8 inches!

What can I hunt in Ohio?

Ohio’s hunting seasons feature a variety of game, including deer, turkey, and pheasant. Youth hunt days, archery, muzzleloader and regular firearms seasons are available, as well as some continuously open seasons. Ohio offers a lottery for controlled hunts.

What is the best state to deer hunt in?

The Overall Top 10 States for Deer Hunters

  • Wisconsin. Far and away, Wisconsin is the highest producer of B&C-ranked whitetails. …
  • Kentucky. Despite the fact that Kentucky is a one-buck-per-year state, that hasn’t stopped hunters there from having success. …
  • Ohio. …
  • Indiana. …
  • Iowa. …
  • Minnesota. …
  • Illinois. …
  • Kansas.
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What county in Ohio has the best deer hunting?

Top 10 counties for deer harvest during the 2019-2020 seasons include: Coshocton (6,715), Tuscarawas (5,781), Ashtabula (4,949), Muskingum (4,929), Licking (4,878), Knox (4,746), Guernsey (4,524), Holmes (4,507), Carroll (3,843) and Trumbull (3,668). Ohio’s youth hunters harvested 6,234 on Nov. 23-24, 2019.

How long do Ohio deer live?


Scientific Name: Odocoileus virginianus
Birth Period: mid-May – July
Litters Per Year: 1
Litter Size: 1 in first year
Life Expectancy: fewer than 10% reach 4.5 years

Where are the biggest deer killed in Ohio?

What likely is the biggest white-tailed buck shot in any season in Ohio this fall, or maybe ever – a 250-pounder with a massive, mooselike 39-point set of antlers – was killed Nov. 8 in Greene County by bowhunter Mike Beatty of Xenia, Ohio. News – and rumors – about the monster whitetail have spread like wildfire.

Can a felon hunt in Ohio?

Under ORC 2923.13, any person convicted of a felony of violence or a specified drug offense would likely be prohibited from possessing firearms. … In most cases, a convicted felon would be able to bow hunt.

How much is a deer tag in Ohio?

Ohio hunting license info and more. How much are license and tags in Ohio? The Ohio non-resident hunting license costs only $125. Either-sex deer tag is $24, and antlerless tags are $15 each.

Can a 7 year old hunt in Ohio?

Hunter education is required for first-time hunters who are 12 years of age or older, however there is no minimum age to get certified.

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What state kills the most deer?

States with the largest antlerless deer kills in 2019-20 were Texas, 386,088; Pennsylvania, 226,191; Wisconsin, 152,726; Michigan, 152,451; and Missouri, 151,781.

How many deer have been killed in Ohio so far?

COLUMBUS, Ohio – One of Ohio’s most successful white-tailed deer hunting seasons concluded Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021 with 197,735 deer harvested, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. That total is the highest since 218,910 deer were taken during the 2012-2013 hunting season.

What state has no deer?

White-tailed deer are found in every state in the U. S. except Alaska and in only small parts of Utah, Nevada and California. The mule deer range is primarily in western states. There are several subspecies of both deer.