Is the hunting public legit?

This is not your scripted, formulated infomercial of a hunting show. It shows real hunters, in real situations doing what they love to do best. … Tune in and watch the guys(and gals) from The Hunting Public bring in a harvest or two.

Is the hunting public real?

The Hunting Public is relatively new hit YouTube video journal series featuring two distinct playlists, Public Land and Private Land hunting and they exist based upon this very principle. Co-owners, Aaron Warbritton, and Zach Ferenbaugh are humble in their approach to hunting, especially on public hunting grounds.

Do the hunting public guys have jobs?

The Hunting Public has been Zach’s full-time job since it started in 2017, he went on to describe that having a hunting show is not all that it seems. That it does take a big toll not only on their family but also on them.

Who is the owner of the hunting public?

Aaron Warbritton – Company Owner – The Hunting Public | LinkedIn.

Does Greg own the hunting public?

Today, we talked to Greg Clements, one of the founders of The Hunting Public. Their relatable experiences hunting on public land have gone viral over the last year! Check them out on YouTube and Instagram for some of the most entertaining hunting content on the Internet.

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How can I watch hunting public?

Watch The Hunting Public | Prime Video.

What app does the hunting public use?

Identifying and breaking down the best pieces of public land in your area can be a daunting task, and using the onX Hunt App will give you the advantage you’ve been missing. See how Aaron at THP uses onX Hunt to find new places each and every year.

Where do the hunting public guys live?

Live in Albia, IA now. Elk during the rut is possibly the greatest thing in the universe. Turkeys and deer are sweet too.

Where does the untamed hunt?

Being located in West Virginia, The Untamed is exposed to many different species, allowing them to really diversify themselves as outdoorsmen and hunters. From black bear, to whitetail, this crew loves the challenge that each animal can bring and what they can learn from each experience.

Who is Randy Newberg?

Randy Newberg is a hunter. Randy is the voice of the public land hunter in America. … Randy uses his platforms to advocate for hunters and public access. In addition to representing hunters in Congress and state legislatures, he serves as a volunteer and board member for many hunting and conservation groups.

How do you find turkeys in the roost?

Consider the factors below to determine likely roost sites:

  1. Proximity to water. The old hunter’s adage suggesting, “Turkeys love to roost where they can hear their droppings hit water,” rings true here.
  2. Heavy, mature timber. …
  3. Open areas. …
  4. Evergreens. …
  5. Shelter sites. …
  6. Look for sign. …
  7. Use your ears. …
  8. Use your eyes.
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Can you field dress a deer on public land in Iowa?

All deer hunters must have a deer permit to harvest deer, whether or not they donate the deer to HUSH. Donated deer must be tagged before being transported, just as any other harvested deer. … Deer must be field dressed; lockers prefer a clean carcass without mud on the hide.

What does Catman do for a living?

Jonathan Boehme runs the Catman Outdoors YouTube channel, where he posts great content on self filmed deer and turkey hunts, fishing, scouting, and DIY projects. You may have also seen him on other channels like The Hunting Public and Southern Outdoorsman.