Is there any good hunting in Arizona?

Arizona has excellent big-game hunting, with ten huntable species, including pronghorn antelope, black bears, bison, desert bighorn sheep, elk, javelina, Merriam turkeys, Gould’s turkeys, mountain lions, mule deer, and Coues white-tailed deer.

Where is the best hunting in Arizona?

Here are five of the best hunting spots in Arizona, all easily accessible from the Phoenix metro area.

  • Woolsey Park Wilderness. …
  • Santa Teresa Wilderness. …
  • Coconino National Forest. …
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve. …
  • Saguaro Lake.

What Animals Can you hunt all year round in Arizona?

In Arizona, you can hunt: small game (cottontail rabbit, tree squirrel, migratory game birds, and upland game birds like quail); big game (black bear, bighorn sheep, bison, mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, javelina, mountain lion, pronghorn antelope, and turkey); and predator/fur-bearing animals (coyotes, skunks, …

What can I hunt right now in Arizona?

**Season dates vary by zone, specifically for Rocky Mountain and Desert bighorn sheep. Many bighorn sheep hunting zones are difficult to access. Expect to hunt and camp in isolated, backcountry regions and prepare accordingly. Turkey hunting in Arizona requires a hunting license as well as a turkey tag.

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Where are the most deer in Arizona?

Coues deer are most common in Arizona’s southeastern mountains, but range up on to the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. They are most abundant in areas of predictable summer precipitation.

Are there elk in Arizona?

Between 1912 and 1967 more than 13,500 elk were transplanted from the Park. In February 1913, 83 elk were released in Cabin Draw near Chevelon Creek. From these transplants, the Arizona elk population has grown to nearly 35,000 animals. … Winter range varies from 5,500 to 6,500 feet in Arizona, the pinyon-juniper zone.

Where are mule deer found in Arizona?

Mule deer can be found throughout desert regions as long as there is enough vegetation to hide in and to eat. They will move to higher elevations during the hottest parts of the summer and move to lower elevations during the winter months. They also are found in mountain forests, wooded hills and in chaparral.

Are there wild turkeys in Arizona?

Arizona is home to three subspecies of turkeys:Merriam’s, Gould’s, and Rio Grandes. … Gould’s turkeys are one of Arizona’s two native wild turkey species. They are slightly larger than Merriam’s turkey. Gould’s turkey were once found throughout southern Arizona.

Where can I hunt wild pigs in Arizona?

Feral hogs are known to exist on the Arizona Strip, San Pedro River Valley, Lake Havasu, Agua Fria River, Roosevelt Lake, and probably other areas too. The Agua Fria population has been sighted in the Dugas area – not far from the Verde Valley.

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Can you hunt with an AR 15 in Arizona?

So, an AR-15 with a silencer is legal for hunting. … Hunting any game in Arizona does not require an AR-15 with a 20, 60 or 100 round magazine and silencer.

Is there a bounty on coyotes in Arizona?

Is there a coyote bounty program in Arizona? Not at this time.

What Animals Can you hunt in Arizona without a license?

Species and hunts available are: archery-only deer (some unit restrictions); limited opportunity elk; mountain lion; bear; archery-only javelina and juniors-only turkey (shotgun only).

What is considered big game in Arizona?

Arizona considers Coues deer, mule deer, buffalo, Arizona turkeys, pronghorn antelope, javelinas, elks, black bears, mountain lions, big horn sheep and bobcats to be big game within its state boundaries.