Is there good hunting in Florida?

Oh well – deer hunting in Florida is a genuine adventure. And, it would be a mistake to discount the quality of deer here. As a region, the Panhandle has the highest-scoring deer. But, the counties that comprise the spine of the state, from Alachua and Marion and into Polk and Osceola, offer a shot at a whopper, too.

Is Florida good for hunting?

And while some may p-shaw at this, if you think about it, Florida is a pretty decent deer state. The seasons run from late-July to the start of March, depending on the zone and weapon of choice. … True, private land is tough to come by and expensive, but there is a ton of public property that offers good hunting.

Is there a lot of hunting in Florida?

Florida hunters are among the most fortunate in the South, at least in terms of having plenty of time and elbow room to gun game on public hunting land. … Fortunately for Sunshine State whitetail chasers, the state staggers deer hunting seasons in Florida according to large zones.

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What kind of hunting can you do in Florida?

The Sunshine State offers a diversity of species to pursue from white-tailed deer, hogs, alligators and turkeys to waterfowl, dove, bobwhite quail and small game species such as gray squirrel, rabbits and raccoons. Learn more about game species, season dates and hunting tips.

Does Florida have a lot of deer?

Florida Deer: An estimated 542,000 deer in 2019, down from about 650,000 deer in 2017.

Is deer hunting allowed in Florida?

All you need to deer hunt is a gun or bow, a treestand or ground blind, and land to hunt on – and Florida is blessed to have one of the largest wildlife management area (WMA) systems in the country at nearly 6 million acres. …

How much is a deer tag in Florida?


Specialty Hunting Licenses/Permits Paymentpolicies
Deer (annual) $5
Deer (5-year) $25
Resident Turkey (annual) $10
Resident Turkey (5-year) $50

How big do deer get in Florida?

Adult male deer in Florida average 115 pounds, but can reach 190 pounds or more in North Florida. The smaller females average 90 pounds with larger females weighing 120 pounds or more.

What county in Florida has the most deer?

Marion ranks as the number one county in which to find trophy bucks. In November 2015, Rick Moyer shot a buck that taped an impressive 164 B&C. Over the last five years, Marion County hunters have logged 130 Florida Registry bucks scoring an average of 112 B&C.

Where can you hunt for free in Florida?

Hunting Florida’s national wildlife refuges (NWR)

  • Chassahowitzka NWR, 1502 Southeast Kings Bay Dr., Crystal River, FL 34429; 352-563-2088.
  • Ten Thousand Islands NWR, 12085 State Road 29 South, Immokalee FL 34142; 239-657-8001.
  • A.R.M. …
  • Lower Suwannee NWR, 16450 NW 31st Place, Chiefland, FL 32626; 352-493-0238.
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How much does a Florida hunting license cost?


Resident Hunting Licenses​ Annual
Resident 64 or Older Sportsman’s License (includes Freshwater Fishing and Hunting Licenses, Wildlife Management Area, Archery, Muzzleloading Gun, Crossbow, Turkey and Florida Waterfowl Permits) $13.50
Resident Annual Hunting $17
Resident Hunting/Freshwater Fishing Combination $32.50

Can I hunt on my own land in Florida?

On private property with landowner permission, wild hogs may be hunted year-round day or night without restriction (i.e., by all lawful methods with no bag/possession limits, no size limits and no licenses/permits required).