Question: Is wolf hunting legal in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin doesn’t just allow a wolf hunting season — it requires it under state law, as long as the species isn’t under federal protection. It’s the only state that mandates a wolf season, and one of only five that allow the canine creatures to be hunted.

What is the fine for shooting a wolf in Wisconsin?

A person found guilty of killing a protected species such as Wisconsin’s gray wolf could pay a forfeiture of between $300 and $2,100, according to Horn.

Why is Wisconsin having a wolf hunt?

The state held fall wolf seasons in 2012, 2013 and 2014 before a federal judge placed the animal back on the endangered species list. The Trump administration removed them from the list last year and the decision became final in January, triggering a hunting season in Wisconsin..

How many wolves can be harvested in Wisconsin?

State-licensed hunters and trappers will be authorized to harvest 74 wolves within the six zones established in the department’s regulations.

How much is a wolf license in Wisconsin?

A license costs $49 for residents and $251 for non-residents. The wolf season is set for Nov. 6-= Feb. 28 or until harvest zones are closed.

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Can you hunt wolves at night in Wisconsin?


Wisconsin allowed night hunting of wolves starting Monday, after the firearms deer season ended. Night wolf hunters must be using a predator call or hunting over legal bait and be in a stationary position. A flashlight can be used “while shooting a wolf at the point of kill,” the law states.

Are wolves endangered in Wisconsin?

Currently, gray wolves are federally protected under the Endangered Species Act, making it illegal to hunt them in Wisconsin.

How long was the Wisconsin wolf hunt?

Hunters quickly blew past the limit, killing 218 wolves in just four days.

Where are the wolves in Wisconsin?

Wolves occupy the northern portion and a small central portion of the state (known as the state’s central forest). Wolves were hunted in Wisconsin in 2012, 2013 and 2014. When they were relisted on the Endangered Species Act, the hunting seasons closed.

Are wolves overpopulated in Wisconsin?

They say the deaths reduced the statewide wolf total to between 695 and 751, down from at least 1,034 in spring 2020. That upends the Wisconsin DNR’s objective of keeping the population stable even with hunting, the paper says.

How many wolves killed Wisconsin 2021?

Wisconsin wildlife officials have authorized the killing of 300 wolves for the 2021 fall hunting season, more than doubling biologists’ recommendation of a 130-wolf kill limit.

What is Wisconsin wolf population?

The 2019 -2020 midwinter count estimated that there is a minimum of 1,034 – 1,057 individual wolves and 256 packs in Wisconsin.