Question: What hunting season is open now in Nebraska?

What can I hunt in Nebraska now?

Big game hunting and viewing opportunities in Nebraska are available for five species: white-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn, elk and bighorn sheep. Both species of deer provide annual hunting opportunities for most residents and nonresidents who wish to hunt.

What Animals Can you hunt year round in Nebraska?

Coyotes, woodchucks and other nongame (year-round)

Unprotected nongame animals like coyotes may be harvested year-round. Their pelts are prime during the primary hunting and trapping season, and that is when most coyotes are trapped and hunted. Electronic predator calls are allowed for hunting coyotes.

What are the different hunting seasons?

Season Dates 2020-2021

Species Seasons
Firearms Deer Oct. 17 – Jan. 10
Bear- Northern Zone Primitive Weapons: Oct. 10 -Jan. 10 Archery: Sept. 12 – Jan. 10 Firearms: Oct. 17 – Jan. 10
Bear-Central Zone Firearms: Dec. 19
Bear-Southern Zone Firearms: Sept. 17 – 19 & 24 – 26 Oct. 1 – 3 & 8 – 10

What wild game is in Nebraska?

Big game species available in Nebraska include mule deer, white-tailed deer, bighorn sheep, elk and four different varieties of wild turkey.

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Is pheasant season open in Nebraska?

Nebraska’s pheasant season runs from October 30 2021 to January 31 2022.

Is there a bounty on coyotes in Nebraska?

There are no published restrictions, check with your local game officer. Is there a coyote bounty in Nebraska? Not at this time.

Can I shoot a fox on my property?

Shooting of foxes is legal but the use of firearms is restricted near highways and inhabited areas. Care should; however, be taken that a wrong animal is not victimized. Since a gun is not always available this method can come in handy and is simple to follow as well.

Do you need a permit to hunt coyotes in Nebraska?

Coyote, porcupine, prairie dog, and woodchuck hunting: Residents do not need a permit to hunt these species; but nonresidents must have a hunt (small game) permit. A Habitat Stamp is not required.

Where is the best deer hunting in Nebraska?

The Cornhusker State is great for whitetails. The deer herd is plentiful, with the higher densities located in the southeastern part of the state and along major river corridors. Some of the bucks in the state get old, and that’s what it takes to have big deer.

How many deer tags can you get in Nebraska?

HOW MANY PERMITS MAY I HAVE? Deer – No one may have more than two permits that allow the harvest of an adult buck. There is no limit to the number of antlerless permits a person may buy.