Question: When can you duck hunt in NJ?

Is it duck hunting season in NJ?

Regular Season

Statewide: Oct. 16 – Feb. 15 Daily bag limit: 25, singly or in aggregate to include greater and lesser snow geese and Ross’s geese.

Where can I duck hunt in NJ?

New Jersey has hundreds of miles of ocean and bayshore coastline, plus many coastal and inland wetlands, ponds and lakes. You can find great wood duck shooting in the beaver swamps in the northern portion of the state, and thousands of greater snow geese use the vast salt marshes along Delaware Bay.

Can you duck hunt in NJ on Sunday?

Sunday in New Jersey.

Duck, goose, brant, coot, rail, moorhen, snipe—1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset. For example, if sunrise is 6:30 a.m. and sunset is 5:00 p.m., hunting hours for these species are 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Woodcock—sunrise to sunset.

What month does duck hunting start?

Duck Hunting

State Season Dates
Arkansas (AR) EARLY TEAL Sept. 15 to 30 DUCK, COOT AND MERGANSER Nov 21 to 30 Dec 11 to 23 Dec 26 to Jan 31
California (CA) Northeastern Zone Oct 3 to Jan 13 Balance of State Zone Oct. 24 to Jan 31 Southern San Joaquin Valley Zone Oct. 24 to Jan. 31 Southern California Zone Oct. 24 to Jan. 31
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How long is duck hunting season in NJ?

Migratory Bird Seasons, 2021–22

Migratory Bird Species Season Dates Daily Bag Limits1
Ducks, Mergansers and Coot Oct. 23–Oct. 30 Nov. 20–Jan. 20 Ducks: 6 in aggregate; see Duck Limits* below; Mergansers2: 5 Coot: 15
Scaup Oct. 23–Oct. 30 Nov. 20–Dec. 28 1
Dec. 29–Jan. 20 2
Brant Oct. 23–Oct. 30 Nov. 20–Jan. 8 2

Where can I hunt woodcock in NJ?

The hunt for woodcock takes Lance through tall fields of goldenrod and wild rose. The limit is three woodcock a day or six for the season and, since it’s a migratory bird, it’s federal jurisdiction.

Can you have ducks in NJ?

Chickens, ducks, geese or other fowl shall not be kept for domestic use unless the following rules and regulations are strictly adhered to: … More than 25 fowl or animals above referred to can be kept at any time, provided the lot on which such fowl are kept contains at least two acres of land.

Can you shoot geese in NJ?

In NJ, geese can be hunted during three seasons: 1.) September Season, open statewide during the entire month (15 daily, 30 possession); 2.) … Special Winter Season, open in two separate hunt areas during mid-January through mid-February (5 daily, 10 possession.)

Are swans protected in NJ?

The USDA’s agreement with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection requires aggressive birds to be humanely euthanized. State regulations prevent the non-migratory swans from being relocated to safer in-state waters.

Are Airbows legal in NJ?

177 caliber and no larger than . 22 caliber producing projectile velocities of not less than 600 feet per second measured at the muzzle is legal. Air gun BBs, and air bows which shoot arrows, are not legal for hunting in New Jersey. … The possession and use of such air guns is ILLEGAL.

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Can you hunt in NJ with a rifle?

When hunting with a rifle in NJ, you must possess a firearm license and a rifle permit. The gun can only hold three rounds (1 in the chamber and 2 in the magazine) regardless of the magazine’s capacity.

Can you hunt with a 22 in NJ?

A current and valid rifle permit is required when possessing a . 22 caliber rifle while hunting raccoon and opossum. Only . 22 caliber shorts are permitted.