Quick Answer: Are elk endangered in Michigan?

Michigan’s native elk disappeared around 1875. Today’s elk herd dates back to 1918, when seven western animals were released near Wolverine. … Reduced poaching losses, habitat improvement and successful management of hydrocarbon development resulted in an increase in elk numbers to 850 by 1984.

Can you hunt elk in Michigan?


Elk licenses are very limited and only available through drawing. You do not need a base license to apply for the drawing, but if chosen you must purchase a base license and elk receipt to hunt.

How many elk are there in Michigan?

They’re one of Michigan’s best kept secrets and they roam in an area most people can go and see every day! Pure Michigan’s wild elk herd is flourishing, with over 1,000 elk living in an 105,000-acre area in the northeast Lower Peninsula.

What counties in Michigan have elk?

Michigan’s elk herd

One of Michigan’s most sought after viewing species is the elk, and Michigan’s Pigeon River Country State Forest is home to one of the largest free-roaming elk herds east of the Mississippi. About one thousand elk live in the elk range of southern Cheboygan, Otsego and Montmorency Counties.

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Why do we keep so few elk in Michigan?

Did you even know there are elk in Michigan? Michigan elk were wiped out in the 19th century. Clear cutting the forests removed their habitat. Market hunting, that is, hunting to sell the meat to restaurants, butchers, and homes did the rest by about 1875.

What are the odds of getting an elk tag in Michigan?

2021 Elk Drawing Summary

Chances Any-Elk License Eligible Applicants Antlerless Elk License Eligible Applicants
1 7,150 3,997
2 4,652 2,412
3 3,370 1,687
4 2,816 1,239

Do moose live in Michigan?

Moose are native to Michigan and occurred throughout all except the southwestern Lower Peninsula prior to European settlement. Moose disappeared from the Lower Peninsula in the 1890s, and only a few scattered individuals remained in the Upper Peninsula.

How many moose are in Michigan?

Michigan has two moose herds in the Upper Peninsula. The population in the western U.P. was airlifted from Canada in the 1980s and is growing steadily at a rate of about 2% annually, according the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The most recent biennial survey conducted in early 2019 counted 509 moose.

Are there wolves in Michigan?

Wolves are native to Michigan and were once present in all 83 counties. … The federal government listed the gray wolf as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 1973, when the Michigan wolf population was estimated at only six animals in the UP, along with an isolated population on Isle Royale.

Where is the best place to view elk in Michigan?

The 3 Best Places To See Elk In Michigan

  • Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman, Michigan.
  • Gaylord’s City Elk Park, Gaylord Michigan.
  • Pigeon River Country Elk Range in Gaylord, Michigan.
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What do elk eat in Michigan?

Sometimes called wapiti, elk are herbivores and therefore eat plants, grasses and young, woody vegetation. In 1918, seven elk were brought from western states to Wolverine, Michigan.

Are there elk in Upper Michigan?

Wildlife biologists in Michigan have confirmed the first sighting of an elk in the Upper Peninsula since the late 1800s. … “This is based on their knowledge of some of the Black River elk being reported outside of their typical range over the past couple of months,” said Michigan DNR wildlife biologist Karen Sexton.

How many bears are in Michigan?

Currently, Michigan contains approximately 12,000 bears statewide, with an estimated 10,000 living in the Upper Peninsula and 2,000 residing in the northern Lower Peninsula. Black bears often appear to be much larger than they are.