Quick Answer: Is there goose hunting in Florida?

Canada geese are a game species and can be hunted in Florida with a valid hunting license, migratory bird permit, Florida waterfowl permit and federal duck stamp. For more information, visit our hunting page for season dates and bag limits for waterfowl and other migratory birds.

Where can you goose hunt in Florida?

Goose hunting is somewhat limited in Florida, but opportunities are increasing thanks to locally breeding Canadas. Top areas include Leon and Jefferson counties, which have several large public lakes. Also, Guana River Wildlife Management Area, Hickory Mound Wildlife Management Area, T.M.

Is there a goose season in Florida?

Seasons and dates may not apply to wildlife management areas.

2021-2022 Florida Migratory Bird Hunting Season Dates and Bag Limits.

Species/Season Canada goose (W)
Season Dates Sept. 4-26 Nov. 20-28, Dec. 1 – Jan. 30
Daily Bag Limit 5
Possession Limit 15

What state has the best goose hunting?

Oregon has led the way with the highest average harvest the last three seasons at more than 70,000 birds, with Washington and Idaho both close behind at around 65,000 birds. Although there are resident geese around, many of these birds are migrants.

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Is there duck hunting in Florida?

Terrific Florida duck shooting is available on federal wildlife refuges, on state-operated areas and on hundreds of large, weedy, marsh-lined lakes, rivers and big coastal areas as well.

Can you hunt Egyptian geese in Florida?

Egyptian Geese are the most common exotic animal that can be found in Florida. Egyptian Geese are also protected by federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and should only be handled by companies that understand the federal laws that protect certain birds.

Can you eat Egyptian goose?

The birds are regarded as pests in their native environment in Africa and some are shot because they munch crops, but being grass eaters they are not good to eat.

Can you shoot Canada geese in Florida?

Canada geese are a game species and can be hunted in Florida with a valid hunting license, migratory bird permit, Florida waterfowl permit and federal duck stamp.

What do I need to duck hunt in Florida?

License Requirements to Hunt Waterfowl in Florida: Unless exempt, those hunting Public Waterfowl Areas must have a valid Hunting License, Florida Waterfowl and Management Area Permits, and a Migratory Bird Permit. All hunters 16 and older must also possess a current Federal Duck Stamp.

Can you turkey hunt Ocala National Forest?

The wildlife is abundant in the Ocala National Forest, where you will find plenty of turkeys, deer, ducks and more to hunt during the appropriate hunting season.

What state kills the most geese?

Of the top three states, Minnesota licensed the most goose hunters, with 50,500, followed by Pennsylvania, with 37,800, and Maryland, with 28,200.

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What place has the most geese?

Texas recorded the highest Total Goose Harvest, followed by North Dakota and neighboring Minnesota. And the Lone Star State was also tops for Total Active Goose Hunters, with Wisconsin and Minnesota close behind.

Where can I hunt geese?

You can still hunt geese over lakes, flowages, rivers, marshes and other waters. In fact, you can take quite a few geese incidentally while duck hunting, simply via pass-shooting or using a goose call to lure birds closer (more on this later). But you can use several methods to target geese specifically over water.