What can I shoot a deer with in Ohio?

What Rifles Are Legal In Ohio For Deer Hunting? Shotgun slugs and Muzzleloader rifles have been allowed for deer hunting in Ohio for many years. Hunters can expect to see these types of guns during gun season. However, people can now use a straight-walled cartridge rifle for hunting in Ohio.

What guns can you shoot deer with in Ohio?

Top 7 Rifle Cartridges for Ohio’s Deer Season

  • 1. . 45-70 Government. Wide Open Spaces. …
  • 2. . 450 Bushmaster. Buffalo Cartridge Co. …
  • 3. .444 Marlin. Midway USA. For deer hunting season, what says traditional like the . …
  • 4. . 38-55 Winchester. Ventura Munitions. …
  • 5. . 50 Beowulf. YouTube. …
  • 6. . 44 Magnum. …
  • 7. . 357 Magnum.

What ammo can you hunt with in Ohio?

Generally, Ohio law permits the use of any straight-walled (non-bottlenecked) cartridge using a bullet diameter greater than or equal to 0.357 inches (. 38 caliber). This would exclude cartridges such as the . 223 Remington, .

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What caliber rifle can you deer hunt with in Ohio?

38 caliber muzzleloading rifle or larger, or archery equipment.

Can you use buckshot for deer in Ohio?

buckshot was designed to be used in very heavy cover like in Alabama where most shots are 30 or 40 yrds max. places like Indiana and ohio is just to open for buckshot to be practical.

Can you hunt deer in Ohio with an AR 15?

Can Hunters Shoot Deer With An AR 15 In Ohio? No, they may not. It’s prohibited to make use of an AR 15. This state, along with a variety of other states, requires people to use bigger bullets if they are planning on shooting game.

What caliber can you hunt deer with?

In our opinion, the best rifle calibers for deer hunting are the . 270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, . 30-06 Springfield, . 308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .

Is it legal to own an AK 47 in Ohio?

Such guns are legal under federal law but classified as illegal in Ohio, even though many gun stores sell them. … Those could include semi-automatic AK-47s and any long gun with a pistol grip, which could also affect shotguns used in competitive shooting.

Can you use a 308 for deer hunting?

308 Winchester is a good caliber for hunting deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear. … 308 Winchester will usually tell stories of how well the caliber does as a sniper rifle out to 700 yards and sometimes beyond.

Can you hunt squirrels with a 22 in Ohio?

You can run !

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22’s for years to hunt squirrels. I use log rifle ammo in all my . 22’s. However each rifle prefers different ammo.

Is a 30/30 A straight-walled cartridge?

30-30 is based on the straight-walled . 38-55 Winchester, necked down to hold . … 30-30 Winchester was the first American small-bore cartridge designed for use with smokeless powder) gave a muzzle velocity of 1970 fps, and was a great choice for hunting within 150 yards.

Can you hunt deer with a .410 in Ohio?

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt or take deer with any firearm except: (i) A shotgun no larger than ten-gauge or smaller than . 410 caliber firing a single projectile per barrel.

Is a 357 magnum rifle good for hunting?

357 Mag. … 357 Mag. makes a perfectly viable cartridge for hunting deer and black bear, in either rifle or pistol form. In a rifle, it’s a solid 75-100 yard gun, and in a pistol, I’ve seen some guys print groups at 50 yards so small it’d raise your eyebrows.