What can you hunt all year round in Michigan?

Opossum, porcupine, weasel, red squirrel, skunk, ground squirrel, woodchuck, Russian boar, feral pigeons, starling and house sparrows may be taken year-round with a valid Michigan hunting license.

What Animals Can you hunt all year round?

Let’s look at some of the species that will keep you hunting all winter long.

  • Rabbit. Many states throughout the U.S. allow you to pursue rabbit from fall through January and even until the end of February. …
  • Coyotes. …
  • Wild Hog. …
  • Squirrel. …
  • Raccoons. …
  • Beaver. …
  • Crow.

What rounds can you hunt with in Michigan?

Hunters can now use a . 35-caliber or larger rifle (or a shotgun, if that remains their firearm of choice), as long as it uses a straight-walled cartridge. The cartridge shot comes with a velocity similar to a shotgun’s slug shot, and many available variations are very effective when it comes to hunting deer.

Can you hunt squirrels all year in Michigan?

Michigan’s public lands offer no end of outdoor activities for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike — including squirrel hunting. … The squirrel hunting season is one of the longest hunting seasons, spanning from Sept. 15 to March 31 for fox and grey squirrel species.

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Is it possible to hunt year round?

Aside from hunting deer in the fall, opening up to other species will open up opportunity throughout different times of the year. For instance, spring time means turkey and bear hunting just like fall means deer and elk hunting. And, to break it down farther, each species usually has several dedicated hunting seasons.

What animals can be hunted without a license?

Porcupine, rabbit, hare, raccoon and woodchuck may be hunted, but not trapped**, without a licence throughout the province, at all times of the year. Skunk may be hunted and trapped.

Can you hunt deer in the winter?

Late season whitetail hunting is tough due to the winter weather conditions, though, bad conditions like rain and snow offer the best still hunting days. … It can be hard after a long deer hunting season, but less than ideal weather is the right day to plan a still hunt for late season bucks.

Can you hunt with a .223 in Michigan?

The . 223 rem/5.56x45mm round while an excellent varmint cartridge and yes it is legal for deer hunting in Michigan, in my opinion is not the best cartridge for Larger Michigan game. … Here is a quick rundown of cartridges that are available in the AR15 platform.

Can you use a 270 for deer hunting in Michigan?

A 243, 257, 270 are all great whitetail rounds for Michigan. Going to do a few trips out west and be doing some larger ungulates, then 308 30-06 might be a better choice.

Can I hunt with a 45 70 in Michigan?

45-70, with its case length of 2.105 inches, does not qualify (although it remains legal for deer hunting in handguns such as the T/C Encore and the BFR revolver).

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Can I shoot squirrels in my backyard in Michigan?

Game species and furbearers, including deer, bear, beaver, fox and rabbit, are protected by state law and require a DNR permit for their removal. … Opossum, porcupine, weasel, red squirrel, ground squirrel and feral swine can also be taken year-round with a valid Michigan hunting license.

Can you hunt doves in Michigan?

As for mourning doves, Michigan is one of only eight U.S. states with no hunt for them, and the only state in the Midwest without a mourning dove hunt.

Is it legal to shoot a black squirrel in Michigan?

Small Game Hunting in Michigan. The season and bag limit (the number you are allowed to hunt) for each animal varies. Fox and gray squirrel (including black phase squirrels) may be taken statewide during the open season. … A federal waterfowl stamp is not required to hunt woodcock.