What can you hunt now in Wisconsin?

What hunting season is it now in Wisconsin?

If you’re looking to bag deer, bear, wolf and turkey, Wisconsin’s hunting seasons are for you.

Wisconsin Deer Seasons.

Archery and Crossbow Sept. 18-Jan. 9
Youth Deer Oct. 9-10
Firearms Nov. 20-28
Muzzleloader Nov. 29-Dec. 8
December Antlerless Dec. 9-12

What hunting is available in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s 5 million acres of public hunting land provide ample opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to bring home a white-tailed deer, pheasant and even black bear.

When can you start hunting in Wisconsin?

A Wisconsin resident must be at least 12 years old to purchase a hunting license or hunt with a gun. However, until now children as young as 10 could participate in a mentored hunt.

What can you hunt at night in Wisconsin?


Using a light to take most wildlife is illegal, but a flashlight can be used while shooting coyote, raccoon, fox or unprotected species “at the point of kill” while hunting on foot. Wisconsin allowed night hunting of wolves starting Monday, after the firearms deer season ended.

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Can you shoot a deer from your house in Wisconsin?

A. Both the hunter and the deer must be located on private property. A hunter with a private land harvest authorization cannot shoot a deer standing on public lands even if he/she is standing on private land. Q.

What are the dates for Wisconsin deer hunting?

2021-2022 Deer Season Dates

September 18 – January 9, 2022 or January 31, 2022 (extended archery/crossbow DMUs only) with only antlerless harvest allowed during the statewide antlerless-only hunt from December 9-12 and in counties participating in the antlerless-only Holiday Hunt from December 24-January 1, 2022.

What big game can you hunt in Wisconsin?


  • Bear.
  • Deer.
  • Furbearers.
  • Elk.
  • Mourning dove.
  • Ruffed grouse.
  • Sharp-tailed grouse.
  • Turkey.

Can you target shoot on public land in Wisconsin?

The result: a free makeshift firing range. Shooting on public land is legal in 54 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, including Columbia.

Can you hunt Blue Jays in Wisconsin?

It is illegal to transport, trap or kill native non-game adult birds like Blue Jays or Mockingbirds without a permit, even if they are harassing birds at nestboxes or feeders. Despite the title, the Act protects birds that are not considered “migratory” (like Mourning Doves and Chickadees).

What age can you hunt alone in Wisconsin?


Hunters who are 14 years of age or older are permitted to hunt alone as long as they have obtained hunter education certification.

How much does a deer tag cost in Wisconsin?


Type $
Gun Deer 24.00
Jr. Gun Deer (12-17 years old) 20.00
Gun Deer (under 12 years old) 7.00
Archer 24.00
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How far from the road can you hunt in Wisconsin?

Hunting near roadways It is illegal to: Hunt within 50 feet of the roadway’s center. Discharge a firearm, shoot an arrow from a bow or shoot a bolt from a crossbow: • from or across a highway. within 50 feet of the roadway’s center.