What can you hunt without a license in Oregon?

Hunters, 12 years of age and older, who will be hunting predators on public land, and western gray squirrels, unprotected mammals, and unprotected birds on public or private land must have a valid hunting license. No tags are required.

Can you hunt on your own land without a license in Oregon?

A landowner or landowner agent does not need a hunting or trapping license to take predatory animals on land they own, lease, lawfully occupy, possess, or have charge or dominion over. Landowners or their agents may hunt predatory animals with a spotlight, and from a vehicle on lands that they legally own or occupy.

Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in Oregon?

To hunt coyotes, you need an Oregon hunting license. There is no bag limit.

Do you need a hunting license to shoot ground squirrels in Oregon?

Only the appropriate hunting license is necessary to hunt small game (no tags or permits). There are three major categories of small game in Oregon, Western Gray Squirrel, unprotected mammals, and furbearers.

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Do you need a license to hunt in Oregon?

All Oregon residents age 12 or older must have a resident hunting license. Additional tags may be required to hunt specific game species.

Can you shoot a deer on your property in Oregon?

The Landowner Hunting Preference Program (see “LOP” in the current Oregon Big Game Regulations) may help you obtain deer and/or elk tags valid for your property. … You also may allow anyone you wish to hunt on your property, as long as it is legal to do so and the hunter has the appropriate license and tag.

Can I shoot coyotes on my property in Oregon?

Coyotes can be hunted or trapped at any time with approved methods. People need a hunting license to pursue coyotes on public lands and possibly on private lands under some circumstances. See the Hunting Furbearers section of the ODFW Web site. ODFW plays an advisory role in the management of these animals.

Can I hunt squirrels without a license?

Gray squirrel and rabbit hunting usually requires less planning and gear than hunting other species. … All you need is a hunting license and management area permit.

Is night hunting legal in Oregon?

Is night hunting allowed in Oregon? Neither landowners nor their agents need a permit from ODFW to spotlight predatory animals (as defined in ORS 610.002) on land they own or lawfully occupy. … No person shall hunt any wildlife with infrared or any other night vision sight.

Can you hunt rabbits at night in Oregon?

Hunting anytime after the first frost (or late fall) is also ideal because unhealthy rabbits won’t have survived the colder temperatures. Hunters with dogs find early morning is an ideal time to hunt; rabbits move around at night and dogs can easily find scent in the morning.

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Is baiting deer legal in Oregon?

Washington and Oregon are the only two Western states that do not prohibit use of bait for hunting deer and elk. … Only 14 percent of elk hunters supported using bait to hunt elk.

Is it legal to shoot a bobcat in Oregon?

Furbearer pursuit seasons (statewide)

No animals shall be killed except during authorized open harvest seasons. A bobcat record card must be in possession to harvest bobcat. A Furtaker’s License or Hunting License for Furbearers must be in possession to pursue.

Can you shoot raccoons in Oregon?

ODFW Living with Wildlife – Raccoons. Relocation of raccoons is illegal in Oregon: Raccoons are protected under state law and relocation of these animals is illegal. Raccoons may be trapped with a permit from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, but they must be released at the same site or euthanized.

What do you need to hunt in Oregon?

Buy a license.

Everyone who is 12 years or older needs a license to hunt in Oregon. An annual youth license for kids 12-17 years is only $10, and includes fishing and shellfishing as well. If you’re hunting for rabbits or squirrels, a basic hunting license is all you’ll need.

What hunting is legal in Oregon?

There are a variety of game species to hunt in the state of Oregon. Some of the state’s game species include: Big game including white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, cougar, and turkey. Small game including pheasant, pigeon, grouse, partridge, and quail.

What is needed to hunt birds in Oregon?

License requirements

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A valid hunting license, upland game bird validation, and HIP (Harvest Information Program) validation are needed to hunt the nine types of upland birds in Oregon, and these can be purchased anytime prior to hunting.