What do you think will happen when Cole gets close enough to kill spirit bear?

What do you think will happen when Cole gets close enough to kill Spirit Bear? The bear will probably attack and hurt him. Edwin said, what you do to the animals, you do to yourself.

What happens to Cole because of the attack on the Spirit Bear?

The Attack

Cole believes that everything and everyone must fear him. His attack on the bear goes horribly wrong as the bear defends itself and then continues to brutally savage Cole until he is crying out for the attack to stop.

Why do you think Cole wants to kill the Spirit Bear?

Why does Cole want to kill the spirit bear? Cole’s attempt to kill the Spirit Bear proves that he has no respect for life. He allows his anger to control him.

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What happens when Cole sees the Spirit Bear?

When Cole doesn’t, Peter starts crying. The boys are interrupted when they look up and see Spirit Bear standing there, watching them. This experience changes the relationship between them, and Peter and Cole both heal and move on.

How does Cole react to the Spirit Bear at the end of Chapter 7?

He eats as much as he can, since he’ll need the energy to swim all the way to the next island. Then Cole looks up and sees Spirit Bear again. This time he advances on the creature with his makeshift spear and knife. Even though he’s scared, Cole refuses to back down—he doesn’t want to be seen as a coward.

Do you think the bear attacked Cole or did Cole attack the bear?

As soon as Cole makes a move to throw his spear, the bear viciously attacks him, clawing, biting, and breaking many bones with its strength. The Spirit Bear stands over Cole for what seems like “an eternity” and eventually walks away, leaving Cole alive but severely wounded.

How does Cole survive the bear attack?

Cole totally plans to kill Spirit Bear, but then the bear lunges at him and knocks him down with a blow. Cole collapses as the bear jumps onto him and rakes him with its claws. Then the bear bites him in the leg and lifts him up.

How will Cole try his next escape?

How will he try his next escape? Cole observes the pattern of the tide, and finds that the high tide comes in at noon, and recedes an hour later. He decides to use the receding tide to help him swim to the next island the following day at noon (54).

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What strange thought occurs to Cole?

Q. What strange thought occurs to Cole as notices the land coming alive? He shouldn’t be alive.

What will happen to Cole after the banishment is over?

Outline what will happen to Cole after the banishment is over. He will go back to the Circle and they will determine if he has changed. If not, he may go to jail.

Who rescues Cole at the end of Chapter 12?

In this chapter, the helpless and seriously injured Cole is approached by Spirit Bear. He thinks the bear will kill him, but instead it calmly walks away, leaving Cole feeling abandoned rather than relieved.

What happens in chapter 14 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In chapter 14 of Touching Spirit Bear, Cole is back home in a hospital. He has mostly healed from his injuries and now needs to face the Circle to determine if he will be continuing with the Circle or going to jail. Cole’s mom and Garvey have been very supportive through this entire process.

Why does Cole save the handful of the bear’s hair after the mauling?

Why does Cole save the handful of the bear’s hair after the mauling? Cole believes that taking part of the bear will give him strength. Cole keeps the hair as a reminder of his own foolishness. The hair gives him a sense of power and proves that he fought the bear.