What guns can you hunt with in NY?

Big game may be taken with centerfire rifles, shotguns, handguns, muzzleloading firearms, bows, and crossbows during appropriate seasons and in areas designated (see maps, Big Game Boundary Description/Legal Implements and Deer Hunting Season Dates). You may use decoys, calls and attractant scents to hunt big game.

What guns can you hunt with in New York?

You must possess a NYS Pistol Permit to hunt with a muzzleloading pistol. Any centerfire pistol2 or revolver. Barrel length maximum is 16 inches. NOTE: Possession of handguns in New York State requires a NYS Pistol Permit.

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in NY?

New York state compliant AR-15. New York allows Semi-automatic rifles for hunting. The Magazine is not a issue because you can just buy a 10 round mag. And the “Muzzle device” Rule is for sound suppressors/flash suppressors.

What guns are legal for hunting?

Legal Firearms for Hunting Big Game or Trophy Game Animals

  • Centerfire rifle that is at least . …
  • Muzzleloading rifle or handgun that is at least .40 caliber and fires a cartridge that uses lead or an expanding point bullet where the charge is at least 50 grains of black powder or its equivalent.
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Are hunting rifles legal in New York?

It is lawful for New York residents to purchase or obtain rifles or shotguns in a contiguous state and to receive and transport said rifles and shotguns into the state, provided the person is otherwise eligible to possess a rifle or shotgun under New York law. New York law regulates gun show sales.

Can you hunt with a pistol grip shotgun in NY?

The NY Safe Act of 2013 bans semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols purchased after Jan. 15, 2013 that have one prohibited feature – such as a pistol grip, a folding stock or a flash suppressor. … The ban does not cover pistol grip shotguns.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in NY?

A license to hunt, trap or fish does not give the holder any right to go on private property without permission of the landowner. … Your license must be carried on your person when hunting or trapping.

Can you deer hunt with an AK 47?

The classic AK-47 can be used for hunting, however there are also other, more practical options. … Once you’ve found your gun of choice, put some rounds down range, and sighted in your scope (or iron sights), you’re ready to hunt! The 7.62 round will have no problem taking down a whitetail or mule deer.

Is a 5.56 good for deer hunting?

223/5.56 caliber make the perfect gun for young or small-frame hunters. … 223 to form a tough and reliable cartridge tailor made for deer hunting with the modern rifle platform. Winchester Ammunition. Winchester’s foray into this market is the 64-grain Power-Max Bonded.

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Is a .223 good for deer hunting?

Yes, the . 223 Remington is a suitable deer cartridge, and it is legal for deer in most states.

Can you use a pistol for hunting?

Handgun hunting is a relatively short-range hunting style that involves taking game with a hunting pistol or revolver. Though similar in many ways to firearm and bow hunting, handgun hunting relies on additional accuracy and marksmanship skills. It’s truly one of the most thrilling hunting pursuits around.

What caliber can you hunt deer with?

In our opinion, the best rifle calibers for deer hunting are the . 270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, . 30-06 Springfield, . 308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .

What type of bullet is illegal for big game hunting?

It will be illegal to use any projectile that contains more than 1 percent lead for hunting big game or nongame within the affected area. This includes centerfire as well as black- powder/muzzle-loader, and rimfire projectiles.