What is the best hunting ammo for 308?

What is the best 308 bullet for deer hunting?

Top 7 Deer Bullets for the . 308 Win.

  • Barnes 130-grain TSX BT. Among the “gold-standard” combinations for deer hunting is the . …
  • Hornady 150-grain SST. The Hornady . …
  • Sierra 150-grain GameKing SBT. …
  • Hornady 150-grain GMX. …
  • Swift 150-grain Scirocco/Scirocco II. …
  • Nosler 165-grain Partition. …
  • Norma 165-grain Oryx.

What grain bullet should I use for 308?

The . 308 made its reputation as a deadly-reliable medium game killer with bullet weights from 150 to 180 grains. The hunter armed with a . 308 with quality optics and loaded with good factory ammo or hand-loads in the 150 – 180 grain range, is ready for any medium to large non-dangerous game in the world.

Is the 308 a good hunting round?

308 Winchester is a good caliber for hunting deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear. Proponents of the . 308 Winchester will usually tell stories of how well the caliber does as a sniper rifle out to 700 yards and sometimes beyond.

What is the strongest .308 round?

The Liberty Ammunition . 308 Win. is the fastest at 3,500 FPS, and exits a rifle with a muzzle energy of 2,700 FPE. This lead-free copper monolithic, fragmenting hollow-point Liberty Ammunition round is the next generation of one of the most popular hunting and long range rounds in existence.

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Is 308 win the same as 308?

Although not identical, the 308 Winchester and military 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges are similar enough that they can be loaded into rifles chambered for the other round, but the 308 Winchester cartridges are typically loaded to higher pressures than 7.62×51mm NATO service cartridges.

How far can a .308 shoot?

It’s said, that for even a good shooter the maximum range for a 308 is said to be around 1000 yards (914m). To emphasize the point the US Army gives the maximum range of about 875 yards (800m) and the US. Marine Corps is a little more at 1000 yards (915m).

What’s the best barrel length for a 308?

Our experience has shown that for a . 308 caliber tactical rifle with the overall rifle weight and shooting distances mentioned earlier, a barrel of 24-27″ is optimum in one of the fairly heavy contours we discussed. Closer ranges or other considerations might dictate a shorter barrel.

Does a higher grain bullet kick more?

An established fact is that at a given PF a heavier bullet going relatively slowly will produce less recoil (and muzzle rise) than a light bullet going faster. … Additionally, the lighter bullet will spend less time in the barrel which means a faster recoil impulse and thus a bit more muzzle rise.

Can you hunt elk with a 308?

308 is inadequate for elk at any range. But the extra velocity of the magnum only lasts about 100 yards. By the time a factory-loaded 180-grain spitzer travels 100 yards, it’s down to around 2,700 fps. … 300 Winchester, all of his elk have gone down at least 100 yards quicker than those shot with non-magnum .

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Which is better for deer hunting 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor?

The 6.5 Creedmoor shoots smaller diameter and generally more aerodynamic bullets than the . 308 Winchester. Therefore, the 6.5 Creedmoor has a slightly flatter trajectory, a little less wind drift, and less recoil. … 308 Winchester as well as a large selection of high BC match grade hunting bullets.

Is a 308 more powerful than a 270?

308 Win. is most frequently loaded with projectiles between 150 grains and 180 grains and boasts muzzle velocities between 2,800 feet per second and 2,500 fps, depending on bullet weight and barrel length. The . 270 Win.