What kind of hunting is in South Dakota?

South Dakota has a variety of hunting opportunities that non-residents can enjoy, including pheasant hunting, turkey, West River and Black Hills deer, limited waterfowl and other small game and upland birds.

What can I hunt in South Dakota?


  • Antelope.
  • Bighorn Sheep.
  • Deer.
  • Elk.
  • Mountain Goat.
  • Mountain Lion.
  • Non-Trophy Buffalo.
  • Trophy Buffalo.

Is South Dakota a good hunting state?

South Dakota also offers opportunities to hunt big game, waterfowl, turkey and more. Friendly hosts, private lodges and more than one million acres of publicly accessible hunting land within the primary pheasant range welcome both residents and non-residents to this world-class hunting haven.

What kind of big game is in South Dakota?

Whitetails and mule deer are the most highly sought after big-game species in South Dakota, and nonresidents can apply for deer tags in most regions and seasons. Mule deer inhabit mostly the central and western regions of the state, and whitetails are abundant nearly everywhere.

What can non-residents hunt in South Dakota?

Nonresidents under age 18 to hunt Pheasant, Grouse, Gray Partridge, Quail, Sandhill Crane, Cottontail, Squirrel AND Coyote, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Skunk, Prairie Dog, Jackrabbit, Gopher, Ground Squirrel, Crow, Porcupine, Marmot.

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Is there elk in South Dakota?

Elk are found primarily in the Black Hills; however, other populations can be found scattered across the prairie landscapes of South Dakota. Currently, the Black Hills elk population consists of over 6,000 Rocky Mountain elk.

Are there bears in South Dakota?

The Regional Wildlife Supervisor for South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks, Mike Klosowski, says black bears are the only type of bear in the state, and like so many visitors, they are new to town. “Since 2001 South Dakota has seen an increase in bear sightings.

Is Hunter orange required in South Dakota?

A: Small game hunters are recommended to wear at least one visible fluorescent orange garment when they are in the field, although it isn’t required. Find a variety of maps, downloads, and planning information on the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website.

What is GPA land in South Dakota?

GPAs are state-owned lands managed specifically for hunting. They are marked red on the South Dakota Hunting Atlas. The 1,000 WPAs in South Dakota are managed specifically for waterfowl but are home to various wildlife.

Can I hunt on my own land in South Dakota?

South Dakota’s current hunting trespass law (SDCL 41-9-1) is very clear. No person may hunt, fish, or trap on private property without permission from the landowner or lessee.

Can you hunt bear in South Dakota?

South Dakota man gets 12-year ban from hunting, fishing for wasting bear meat: ‘Another poacher out of business’

How much does it cost to hunt pheasant in South Dakota?

Hunting seasons run from September 1 – March 31

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Walk-In Day Hunts- Cost for walk-in day hunts are $250 per day. License, shells, taxes & gratuities are not included in either package. Non-hunting guest with meals, refreshments, lodging, and lodge amenities will be charged $100 per night.