When should I shoot my axis deer?

Most hunters consider May through the end of September as the best time for Axis deer hunts because during this season a huge percentage of axis deer are already hard-horned and do not easily break up.

Can you hunt Axis Deer year round?

Since Axis deer are not indigenous to Texas, they do not have a season and may be hunted year-round. They are considered livestock along with cattle, sheep, goats, and the dozens of other exotic species brought into the State.

Where do you shoot an Axis Deer?

A quartering away shot, slipped fairly low into the ribs and angled to exit just in front of the shoulder near the center line would also be a very devastating shot,getting heart and lungs, and also spare a lot of meat. If you don’t want to waste meat the head or neck is ideal.

How much does it cost to shoot an Axis Deer?

Non-hunting guests can also tag along for the lodging fee only at $35 per person per night.

Axis Deer Hunts.

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Axis Buck 1 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 15″ (main beam length) $1800

What is a good size Axis Deer?

The males are larger than females with a typical weight for a buck 30 to 75kgs or almost 200 pounds, and does weigh in at 25-45kgs. Height at the shoulder can range from 70-90cm or up to 35 inches in full grown males. The Axis Deer live in small to large herds that include both bucks and does throughout the year.

Do you need high fence for axis deer?

Although reluctant to jump cross a standard sheep and goat net fence, Axis require game proof fencing. High tensile fencing designed for deer and game is advised as Axis are more prone to go through a fence in a panic than over it. … Males will fight through a fence if they can’t otherwise get together.

Can axis deer mate with whitetail?

I m often asked if whitetails can cross with axis, sika or fallow deer. The answer is no, and, even should such a mating take place, no viable offspring would come of it. These are not only different species, but different genera as well, which rules out reproduction.

How do I attract axis deer to my property?

Axis are “grazers” like sheep. They tend to eat grass and small plants which tend to grow in the low areas. Whitetail like to eat on leaves and such like goats which is why you see them in the brush more, and the axis on the fields more.

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Are Axis deer good to eat?

Their natural diet consists of grasses, live oak, sumac, acorns, and mushrooms. Their meat is mild in taste, extremely tender, and exceptionally low in fat (0.2 percent). Axis deer are generally considered by most hunters to be the best-tasting game meat.

Are Axis deer bigger than whitetail?

High-fence hunting does nothing for me, but hunting free-range axis deer on a good ranch is a blast. Most active at dawn and dusk, mature males are about the size of the average whitetail buck, weighing between 150-250 pounds on the hoof, with females rarely exceeding 150 pounds.

How big is a trophy axis buck?

Native to India, axis deer are an attractive trophy. They have a rusty orange cape and are profusely dappled with white spots. A trophy axis is usually 6+ years old, weighs 160 to 210lbs with 6 points and 28+ inch beams.

What does the axis deer eat?

The primary diet of axis deer is grass, and they will graze on new weeds and forbs. When grass is not in sufficient quantity, they may browse. Axis graze successfully on native Texas grasses such as curly-mesquite, Indian-grass, side oats grama, big and little bluestem.

Can you shoot axis deer at night in Texas?

As stated above, axis are legal at nite, but be very careful shining a light during deer season. You will have an impossible time convincing the game warden!