Where are you allowed to duck hunt in Florida?

Including Cypress Lake, Lake Hatchineha, Lake Kissimmee, and the Kissimmee River among other lakes, their tributaries and marshes, this region serves as major hub for Florida’s waterfowl. The big lakes, in particular, attract a variety of diving and puddle ducks due to hydrilla found there.

Can you duck hunt anywhere?

You absolutely must know your duck species to duck hunt legally practically anywhere. This is because not all ducks are fair game at the same time, and depending on conservation, they may not be available to hunt at all during some seasons – even if they were last year.

Where can I find public land to duck hunt?

Strategies for Duck Hunting on Public Land

  1. Go Early. Hunters who head out early will have access to the best spots. …
  2. Go Late. If “early” isn’t inviting or feasible, go late. …
  3. Go the First Morning After a Rest Period. …
  4. Go During Weekdays. …
  5. Go After a Frontal Passage. …
  6. Go Later in the Season. …
  7. Hunt “Different” …
  8. Stay Mobile.
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Can you hunt ducks in Florida?

Terrific Florida duck shooting is available on federal wildlife refuges, on state-operated areas and on hundreds of large, weedy, marsh-lined lakes, rivers and big coastal areas as well.

Where can I hunt in Florida without a quota?

No Quota Permit Hunting

  • Big Bend WMA – Jena Unit.
  • Big Cypress WMA.
  • Green Swamp WMA.
  • Herky Huffman/Bull Creek WMA.
  • J.W. Corbett WMA.
  • Jumper Creek WMA.
  • Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Area.
  • Kissimmee River Public Use Area.

Can you duck hunt on public lakes in Florida?

Excellent duck hunting opportunities exist on many of the large public lakes in central Florida. Ring-necked ducks and teal are most abundant.

What are the rules for duck hunting?

Work hard and mind your manners by heeding the following unspoken rules of public land waterfowl hunting.

  • Know the laws and regulations. …
  • Show up early. …
  • Do not set up close to other waterfowl hunters. …
  • Do not call if you cannot call. …
  • Do not shoot birds working another’s decoys. …
  • Do not sky bust. …
  • Give fair chase to downed game.

How do I find someone to duck hunt with?

First, try to get leads on potential areas by talking to game wardens, biologists (especially those who fly aerial duck surveys), county agents, commercial fishermen, mail carriers, school bus drivers, etc. (Don’t bother seeking information from other duck hunters. They usually won’t give up their secrets!)

How do you get ducks on your land?

The Best Ways to Attract Wild Ducks To Ponds (Useful Tips & Tricks)

  1. 1) Keep Water Accessible (And Open)
  2. 2) Add Aquatic Plants.
  3. 3) Create Nesting Sites (Duck Boxes)
  4. 4) Deter Natural Predators.
  5. 5) Use Wild Duck Decoys.
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Can you duck hunt on Lake Worth?

I usually hunt the very north end of Lake Worth, you have to travel light, there is a hump to get over, but once your past the “hump” it is smooth sailing. I usually try to get as far up behind Eagle Mountain Lake as possible, you’ll know when your there, standing flooded timber, and plenty of mallets.

What kind of ducks can you hunt in Florida?

** During Teal and Wood Duck only – 6 (of which only 2 can be wood ducks) Teal Only – 6, General Duck – 6, including no more than 2 mallards (of which only 1 can be female), 4 scoters, 4 eiders, 4 long-tailed ducks, 3 wood ducks, 2 redheads, 2 black ducks, 2 canvasbacks, 1 pintail, 1 mottled duck (Florida duck) and 1 …

Is Florida a good state for duck hunting?

Duck Hunting Nation Knowledge

That aside, Florida offers some fantastic duck gunning during December and January, especially for divers and teal. The state also attracts lots of bluebills and redheads. Plus, Florida has great opportunities for mottled ducks and whistling ducks.

What ducks are hunted in Florida?

We predominantly shoot Ringed Neck Ducks, Teal, and Mottled Ducks, all of which don’t necessarily respond that well to calling and are more likely to commit due to location, pressure, and decoy spread. This makes South Florida duck hunting a great trip for both new duck hunters and experienced waterfowlers.