Where can I hunt pheasant in SD?

Where can I hunt wild pheasants in South Dakota?

Winner- Found in south central South Dakota, Tripp County is known for top-notch pheasant hunting- in past years, the Winner area has ranked #1 in South Dakota for pheasants harvested. Prairie grouse opportunities are also abundant here.

Where can I find pheasants in South Dakota?

Range and Habitat

Pheasants prefer agricultural fields, wooded draws, tree strips, wetlands, and set-aside acres. Most of South Dakota is privately owned, so permission to hunt is required, but public lands such as Game Production Areas and Walk-In Areas offer choice habitat for pheasants.

Where is the best pheasant hunting in South Dakota?

Tripp County is known for top-notch pheasant hunting. In the past few years Tripp County has ranked #1 in South Dakota for pheasants harvested. Other game birds available in the area include grouse, partridge, prairie chicken, dove, and turkey.

Can you hunt pheasant in South Dakota?

With rolling hills and endless prairies, South Dakota is home to the best pheasant hunting in the country. With abundant public land hunting opportunities, pheasant hunters have access to some of the greatest spots to chase birds and work their dogs.

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How much does it cost to go pheasant hunting in South Dakota?

Walk-In Day Hunts- Cost for walk-in day hunts are $250 per day. License, shells, taxes & gratuities are not included in either package. Non-hunting guest with meals, refreshments, lodging, and lodge amenities will be charged $100 per night.

How long is pheasant season in SD?

2020 Pheasant Season:

Pheasant Season: October 17, 2020 – January 31, 2021. 2021 Pheasant Season opens October 16. Resident Only Season: October 10-12, 2020. Youth Pheasant Season: October 3-7, 2020.

When can you hunt pheasant in South Dakota?

Opening day of the pheasant hunting season in South Dakota is the third Saturday of October. The season then lasts through January 31 of the following year. Shooting hours are 10 a.m. (Central Time) to sunset for the entire season. (Central Time is used for opening shooting hours statewide.)

What do I need to pheasant hunt in South Dakota?

Get a Pheasant Hunting License. A small game license is required to pheasant hunt in South Dakota. It also allows you to hunt a wide variety of other game, like grouse, gray partridge, quail and more.

How many pheasant hunters are in South Dakota?

Based on survey responses indicating at least one day of hunting pheasants, there were a projected 59,042 resident and 62,289 nonresident pheasant hunters. A projected total of 1,108,420 pheasants were harvested (518,288 by residents, 560,618 by nonresidents) during the 2020 seasons.

Where is the Golden Triangle in South Dakota?

About The Area

Antler Ridge Lodge is located in West River South Dakota and located in the famed “Golden Triangle”, which is a area between Chamberlain, Gregory and Winner South Dakota. The Golden Triangle is known to have the highest populations of pheasants in South Dakota.

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How is the pheasant population in South Dakota?

A renewed focus on CRP enrollment has recently reversed that trend, with 1.1 million acres enrolled in 2019. South Dakota has also seen a decline in pheasant hunters during the past decade. In 2010, South Dakota licensed 173,000 hunters. By 2019 that number dropped to 110,000.

What is the pheasant capital of the world?

Every wingshooter owes himself an October trip to the pheasant capital of the world: Aberdeen, South Dakota.