Where can I turkey hunt in Central Oregon?

Where can I hunt turkey in Central Oregon?

The White River Wildlife Area (WRWA) is a very popular area to hunt with decent turkey numbers. The Mt. Hood National Forest throughout the White River Unit is also very popular with good turkey numbers. Harvest in the unit has continued to increase but hunter success is low, likely due to heavy hunting pressure.

Are there wild turkeys in Central Oregon?

Wild turkeys are not native to Oregon but were first successfully introduced in 1961. Since then more than 10,000 turkeys have been transplanted to locations all over Oregon. … The Merriam’s wild turkey was the first subspecies released in the state.

When can you turkey hunt in Oregon?

Today, there are enough wild turkeys in Oregon to have both spring and fall hunting seasons. The popular spring season opens in mid-April and is one of the most generous in the country.

Wild turkey seasons.

Spring turkey season Fall turkey season
Season Opens mid-April for six weeks Opens mid-October for 10 weeks
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Can you hunt turkey in your backyard?

If you don’t plan on shooting them with anything more than a camera you should have no problem hunting turkeys in your own backyard. If hunting laws in your area say you can, then yes!

Can you hunt turkey with a 22 in Oregon?

It is unlawful to hunt game mammals with:

22 caliber rimfire (except for western gray squirrel). Fully automatic firearms.

Where are wild turkeys in Oregon?

Oregon’s best turkey habitat is in southwestern Oregon, but populations are increasing in the Willamette Valley and the east side of the state, particularly in the northeast corner and the Blue Mountains.

How much is a turkey tag in Oregon?

Turkey tags are $24.50 for residents, $10.50 for youth hunters (age 17 and under). Hunting licenses are $32.00 for residents.

Are wild turkeys protected in Oregon?

Wild turkeys are not endangered, but they are protected, Wolfer said. “They’re considered ‘game birds,’ so there is a specific hunting season for wild turkeys, and the number of hunting tags that are available is determined by the population,” he said.

How many wild turkeys are in Oregon?

Since then, more than 10,000 turkeys have been relocated to Oregon. It is estimated that there are now 25,000-27,000 Rio Grande wild turkeys and 2,000-3,000 Merriam’s/Rio Grande hybrid turkeys in the state.

Can you use lead shot for turkey in Oregon?

Pick suitable shot sizes

Shooters might use shot as small as #9 for very small birds like quail, or as large as #2 for large birds like geese and swans. For comparison, there are 585 #9 lead pellets in an ounce versus only 90 #2 pellets in an ounce. For turkey hunting, shot sizes 4, 5 and 6 will all work.

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What species of turkey live in Oregon?

Few pure Merriam wild turkeys likely remain in Oregon. Most Merriam’s have hybridized with the Rio Grande wild turkey first introduced to southwestern Oregon in 1975. Rio Grande wild turkeys are native to riparian (streamside) and scrub woodlands from the southern Great Plains southward into northeastern Mexico.

What can I hunt in Oregon?

There are a variety of game species to hunt in the state of Oregon. Some of the state’s game species include: Big game including white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, cougar, and turkey. Small game including pheasant, pigeon, grouse, partridge, and quail.