Where can you deer hunt in Missouri?

Where can I hunt deer in Missouri?

Hunters should focus on Shelby and Knox County. This is the heart of Missouri’s best whitetail deer hunting. Northern Missouri is producing monstrous whitetail bucks due to an 8 point antler restriction rule implemented by the Missouri Department of Conservation in 2010-.

What part of Missouri is best for deer hunting?

Howell County is ideal deer country. It has the thick timber the Ozarks are known for, but clearings and crop fields also dot the landscape. And it has large chunks of public hunting land, such as the White Ranch Conservation Area, managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Is there public hunting land in Missouri?

Essentially there are two main options for hunting on public land in Missouri. One option is conservation department land. The MDC manages nearly 1,000 parcels of land in Missouri as conservation areas. These parcels of public land are managed for a variety of useages, but most do have hunting priveleges.

Is Missouri a good deer hunting state?

Still, the Show-Me State racks up a good number of Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young whitetails each year. It’s also home of the enormous world-record nontypical. It was rightfully named the Missouri Monarch. “Deer numbers across much of the state are near historic highs,” Isabelle said.

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Is it legal to hunt deer with a 223 in Missouri?

It is legal. In the right hands, the shooter knows their limitations and the guns limitations, it will kill deer. Shot placement is the most important thing when it comes to shooting all game animals.

How much is a deer tag in Missouri?

MISSOURI LICENSES: The cost of a non-resident combination firearm deer permit (either-sex and antlerless-only): $250. The cost of a non-resident archery combination deer permit (one either-sex/one antlerless) will be $250. .

What county in Missouri has the biggest bucks?

Check out the Pope & Young records, and you’ll see that far-western Jackson County has the most all-time entries (76), followed by St. Louis (75), Boone (73) and Callaway (60). But recently, the trend has shifted to the north, with the top trophy-growing areas all found “above” the Missouri River.

Is Missouri a big buck state?

Missouri is known as a trophy whitetail State and for good reason. The Show-Me State holds some of the top places in the deer hunting record books. The world record non-typical buck known as the Missouri Monarch is the No. 1 all-time best non-typical whitetail buck that netted 333 7/8 inches.

Does Missouri have big deer?

“Although Missouri is known for producing some large-antlered bucks, deer that score over 200 inches are not common in our state or anywhere in the country for that matter,” Isabell said. “A 200-plus-inch whitetail is a tremendous deer and a very unique animal.”

Is there good hunting in Missouri?

Missouri offers some of the best public hunting and fishing access in the Midwest. From large timbered tracts to smaller… Missouri offers some of the best public hunting and fishing access in the Midwest. From large timbered tracts to smaller river access locations, the Show Me State has plenty to offer.

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What can you hunt in Missouri right now?

Missouri Small Game Seasons

Squirrel May 22-Feb. 15
Opossum Nov. 15-Jan. 31
Pheasant Nov. 1-Jan. 15
Quail Nov. 10-Jan 15
Woodcock Oct. 15-Nov. 28

Where is the best hunting in Missouri?

Preliminary data from MDC showed that hunters checked 54,447 deer during the archery season. Top counties for the archery season were Jefferson with 1,262 deer harvested, St. Louis with 1,083, and Franklin with 1,068.