Where is the best elk hunting in BC?

The Kootenay Region has the highest population of Elk in British Columbia, making our territory a prime Elk Hunting area. We are only allowed to harvest Bull Elk that have a minimum of six (6) tines (points) or better on one side. Bulls range from 270 to 350 Boone and Crockett.

Where can you find elk in BC?

In BC, they can be found on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and the west slopes of the Coast Mountains, as well as in several tributary drainages north of the Fraser River. The preferred habitat of Roosevelt elk in BC is limited to west of the Coast Mountains. Photo by iStock.

Where is the best elk hunting in Canada?

British Columbia offers some of the best elk hunting in Canada. DB Outfitting is a Family Owned operation in BC with experienced guides and a strong history of success. Due to the 6-point regulation, the elk herds are improving in British Columbia and chances at a trophy class bull elk are high.

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Where is the best hunting in BC?

Vancouver Island and the Kamloops and Cariboo Regions are likely the best bets this fall. The bighorn sheep in the south half of the province are struggling. Some hunts have been closed, and even in areas that are open, hunters may have to work a bit harder this fall.

Where is the best place to hunt for elk?

10 Best Public Lands for Elk (And How to Hunt Them)

  • New Mexico – Cibola National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest. …
  • Idaho – St. …
  • Wyoming – Bridger-Teton National Forest. …
  • Wyoming – Shoshone National Forest. …
  • Arizona – Coconino National Forest. …
  • Washington Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. …
  • Utah – Ashley National Forest.

Where are the biggest Elk in BC?

B&C World’s Record – Roosevelt’s Elk

  • SCORE: 419 6/8.
  • LOCATION: Pitt Lake, British Columbia.
  • HUNTER: Rick Bailey.
  • OWNER: Rick Bailey.
  • DATE: 2015.

Where are Roosevelt elk found?

Roosevelt Elk, named after President Theodore Roosevelt, inhabit the rainforests of Oregon and Washington and were introduced to Kodiak, Alaska, in the Afognak and Raspberry Islands in 1928.

How much is a guided elk hunt?

The Guided Hunt

Paying the outfitter is where a huge chunk of your budget is going. How much does an elk hunt cost? Elk hunts go for as little as $2,000 to well over $10,000. The area, style of hunting, caliber of bulls and accommodations, all influence how much you will pay.

How much does it cost to hunt elk in Canada?


Hunting Package Days Price (per person)
Rocky Mountain Elk (also includes mule deer, black bear, wolf and whitetail) 7 $7,450
7 $5,450
10 $8,950
10 $6,750
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Are there elk in British Columbia?

British Columbia has two subspecies of Elk, the Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain, which look quite similar. Roosevelt Elk are slightly larger and darker than Rocky Mountain Elk, however, and the antlers of Roosevelt bulls sometimes terminate in a crown of three or four points.

Does British Columbia have good hunting?

Hunting in British Columbia

British Columbia is a province rich in wildlife and hunting history. The province is almost one million km2 (385,000 miles2) and home to 18 of the North American 30 big game species. … Most outfitters are members of the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) and follow a Code of Conduct.

Where is the best elk hunting in the Kootenays?

The past several years the Elk Hunting in the East Kootenay has been some of the best on record and we expect it only to be getting better. We only take a limited number of Elk hunters each year.

Where is the best moose hunting in BC?

Tahltan Outfitters area hosts an astonishing number of over thirty lakes. These lakes are surrounded by an intricate swamp system offer some of the best Moose hunting in British Columbia. The Moose harvested with Tahltan Outfitters average 55”+ with 60”+ bulls being taken each season.