You asked: Can you kill a bear on your property in WV?

(a) A person may not hunt, capture, or kill any bear, or have in his or her possession any bear or bear parts, except during the hunting season for bear in the manner designated by rule or law. For the purposes of this section, bear parts include, but are not limited to, the pelt, gallbladder, skull and claws of bear.

Is it legal to shoot a bear in your yard?

It is illegal to kill a bear without an FWC issued hunting or depredation permit, unless it is protect human life. A viable alternative to shooting a bear perceived as a threat is through the use of bear spray.

Can you shoot a black bear on your property WV?

Trapping, Shooting, Keeping in Captivity, and Moving Wildlife. In West Virginia, it is illegal to trap or shoot nuisance wild animals without a nuisance wildlife permit.

When can you kill a bear in WV?

Black bear archery and crossbow season is Sept. 26 – December 31, 2020. Black bear gun seasons – A special September and October bear firearms season and a bear firearms season running concurrent with the deer firearms season will again be in place for 2020.

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How big does a bear have to be to kill it in West Virginia?

shoot at or kill a cub bear weighing less than 100 pounds or to kill any bear accompanied by such cub. pursue a bear, after the chase has begun, with dogs not in use at the beginning of the hunt. kill more than one bear per year.

What to do if a bear is outside your house?

Move away to a safe place. Do not block exit points. If the bear does not leave, get to a safe place and call 911. If you encounter a bear in your yard, chances are it will move on if there is nothing for the bear to forage.

What is a nuisance bear?

Bears who lose their fear of people are called “nuisance bears.” These are most often subadult males—young bears who have just dispersed from their mothers and are still learning how to obtain food—and mothers with young cubs.

Is bear bait illegal in WV?

It’s against the law to hunt bear over bait in West Virginia.

How much does a bear have to weigh to be legal in WV?

Bag Limits. One per license year, at least 100 pounds live weight or 75 pounds dressed weight (all internal organs removed). Females with cubs may not be harvested. Cubs may be 30–50 lbs by fall.

Can you own a bear in WV?

Dangerous non-native wild animals were outlawed in West Virginia in 2015 unless previously in possession. Dangerous non-native wild animals include bears, elephants, gray wolves, big cats, rhinoceroses, many primates, and more. You are allowed to keep ferrets and lemurs as pets.

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How much is a bear damage stamp in West Virginia?

The fee for the stamp is ten dollars.

How do I check in a bear in WV?

Instead, hunters may now check their game by phone at 1-844-WVCheck, on a computer at, or by visiting a license agent with or without the animal. To check game by phone, hunters must know their lifetime DNR ID number, which will be printed on the top of the license for hunters who buy one each year.