You asked: Is Bear hunting open in Montana?

Are black bear tags over the counter in Montana?

Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have over-the-counter (OTC) bear tags for specific units. Wyoming is the only one out of these states with a specific quota of bears that can be harvested in each specific unit and this information is available daily.

How much is a bear hunt in Montana?

Fall Season

Not available to apprentice hunters. Fees: Resident: $19. Nonresident: $350.

Do you have to wear orange bear hunting in Montana?

Montana law requires that all big game hunters and those accompanying them (including guide/outfitter) must wear at least 400 square inches of Hunter Orange above the waist. A hat or cap alone is not sufficient.

Do you have to keep bear meat in Montana?

A black bear sow forages along the road into Many Glacier. Bear meat, or the meat from any other big game animal, cannot be wasted, or allowed in any way to become unfit for human consumption, unless it is infected with trichinella.

What state has the best black bear hunting?

ALASKA. Alaska is the holy grail of black bear hunting. Not only can you shoot up to three bears per year, as long as they’re in the appropriate designated areas, but also you can hunt spring and fall – with dogs, over bait, even from a boat or a snow machine provided that you’re at a complete stop before shooting.

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What is the best gun for black bear hunting?

The Best Black Bear Cartridges For Hunting With Hounds

  • . 30/30 Winchester.
  • . 35 Remington.
  • . 44 Remington Magnum.
  • . 45/70 Govt.
  • 12-Gauge Slug.
  • . 300 HAM’R.
  • 6.5 Creedmoor.
  • . 338 Federal.

Where can you hunt spring bears in Montana?

Spring hunting is a great option because it eliminates the distraction of hunting elk and deer. The Swan Valley is one of the few areas in Montana that remains open for black bear hunting until May 31st. In the spring these animals are very active.

How many grizzly bears are in Montana?

Today, there are well over 1,000 bears in the NCDE and protected land and dedicated landowners have greatly contributed to that growth.

How many black bears are in Montana?

According to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks chief of staff Quentin Kujala, Montana’s estimated black bear population ranges from 10,000 to 17,000 with more than 1,400 taken by hunters each year. The department believes harvest could sustainably increase in some areas of the state with higher densities, he said.

How much is a non-resident mule deer tag in Montana?

Montana Non-Resident Mule Deer Hunting Fees

Big Game Combination License (Elk & Deer) $1,089.50
Deer Combination License $651.50
Youth Big Game Combination License $558.50
Youth Deer Combination License $339.50