You asked: What license do I need to hunt turkey in BC?

To acquire a wild turkey hunting license, all participants need to hold a hunter’s certificate and hold proof (attestation) that they have taken a course on wild turkey hunting while non-residents do need to show proof or attestation of taking a turkey hunting course.

Do you need a tag to hunt turkey in BC?

BC is one of the only jurisdictions in North America without a tag for wild turkey. … With a new species tag, non-resident hunters will require a non-resident tag and will need to utilize a BC resident hunt companion or Guide-Outfitter.

What license do you need to hunt in BC?

All resident hunters must have a Fish and Wildlife ID and hunting credentials. If you are signing on to BC Hunting Online, you will need a basic BCeID. You do not need a BCeID if you go to a participating vendor.

How much is a hunting license in British Columbia?

B.C. resident hunting licences and fees

Licence type Fee HCTF Surcharge
B.C. resident hunting licence $25 $7
B.C. resident hunting licence, Canadian citizen, 65 years of age or older $6 $1
B.C. resident youth licence $6 $1
B.C. resident initiation licence $15 $4
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What Animals Can you hunt without a license in BC?

You do not need a hunting licence to hunt or kill the following Schedule C wildlife. These animals include: Rana catesbeiana – American bullfrog. Rana clamitans – green frog.

Bovids include:

  • Bighorn Sheep.
  • Thinhorn Sheep.
  • Mountain Goats.
  • Bison.

Can a BC resident hunt in the Yukon?

If you reside in the Yukon but leave for school, work or medical reasons, you may qualify for a resident hunting licence. Visit a Department of Environment office to complete a residency exemption declaration form.

Where can I hunt wild turkey in BC?

BC Wild Turkey Hunting

Turkey can be found all along the two southern regions; Boundary Country and the Kootenay, typically between Nakusp and Grand Forks. Prime locations include Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 8-15, particularly around Christina Lake, and WMU 4-8, between Trail and Castlegar.

Do I need my pal to hunt?

There are game laws in Alberta relating to firearms that they enforce such as having a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle etc. But there is no requirement to have a Valid PAL in the Alberta Hunting regulations anywhere, that I’m able to find. But it’s much easier to get a pal or hunt with a bow.

What Animals Can you hunt in BC?

Species to Hunt in British Columbia

  • ALASKA YUKON MOOSE. The largest sized antlers are usually produced when bulls are. …
  • BLACK BEAR. Black bears can be distinguished from grizzlies by their facial. …
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How many questions are on the core hunting test?

The written examination consists of 80 multiple-choice questions based on the CORE Manual and the Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis. You must obtain at least 60 points overall to pass the written examination.

How do I get a hunting license in BC?

The Province has introduced electronic-based hunting licences. You can now buy your licences online, or at some vendor locations. When you buy a licence, the licence information is associated to your online Fish and Wildlife profile. Only species licences will continue to be paper-based.

How long does it take to get your hunting license in BC?

After submitting your “Report form” (Record of successful course completion) to the B.C. Wildlife Federation, the turnaround time to get your certificate back is usually about 2 weeks.

Do you need a guide to hunt in BC?

All non-resident hunters wishing to hunt big game in the Province of British Columbia are required to be accompanied by a licensed guide outfitter, an assistant guide outfitter hired by a guide outfitter or a resident who holds a Permit to Accompany.